Archive | August 4, 2007

Starck Reminder: Australia Doesn’t Need to Import Fish

“THE protection of Australia’s fisheries is pushing seafood imports to record levels, driving overfishing in other countries and exposing consumers to unacceptable levels of antibiotics and other contaminants. “Marine biologist Walter Starck said Australians were being forced to consume lower quality seafood imports, many from seriously depleted fisheries, even though Australia had a relative abundance […]

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Climate Crisis Gender Bias: A Note from Woody

This reminds me of a satirical headline that I saw regarding the bridge over the Mississippi River that collapsed recently. “Bridge falls…Women and Minorities Hit Hardest” When the United Nations concluded a two-day debate Thursday on the potential devastation from climate change, it covered a lot of territory: deforestation, desertification, greenhouse gases, renewable energy […]

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