Archive | August 2, 2007

Toxic Dolphins: A Note from Ann Novek

Japanese officials have publicly condemned the eating of dolphin meat especially in school lunches due to mercury contamination: “We tested some samples purchased at the Gyokyo supermarket in Taiji and Super Center Okuwa in the nearby city of Shingu … One dolphin sample had a mercury content 10 times above the health ministry’s advisory level […]

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Chris Hogendyk and the Marsh Block

In May 2005 Chris Hogendyk became aware of a small 260ha property located in the heart of the Macquarie Marshes that was for sale. The property had been used for cattle grazing for over 150 years, and was in a rather sad state after 5 years of drought and overgrazing. Chris motivated a group of […]

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Lockwood and Frohlich, Part 1

It has become common practice in climate science for a press release reporting the findings of a new paper to precede the publication in the journal concerned. Thus, the Lockwood and Frohlich paper ‘Recent oppositely directed trends in solar climate forcings and the global mean surface air temperature’ (M. Lockwood and C. Fröhlich Proc. R. […]

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