Archive | August 21, 2007

Revamping the Blog

I started this blog on April 14, 2005 with a first post pondering what it means to be a progressive environmentalist. For more than two years various people have made a significant contribution to the blog including Alan Ashbarry, Ann Novek, Arnost, Chthoniid, Chrisgo, Paul Biggs, Boxer, Ian Castles, David, David in Tokyo, Ender, Gavin, […]

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2007 Hurricane Season Begins with a Category 5

The 2006 hurricane season ended on 30th November with the number of hurricanes that qualified as “major” – category 3 or above – 50 percent below NOAA forecasts and not a single hurricane made landfall. Hurricane Dean is the first for this 2007 season and according to Jeff Master’s Wunder blog: “Hurricane Dean has intensified […]

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