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August 2007
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Archive for August, 2007

Science Trumped by Human Nature

We have benefited enormously from scientific advance and its practical applications. Humans are the ultimate generalists and highly adaptable because they observe and learn. The scientific method takes this one stage further: we put forward hypotheses and do experiments to validate them. If the hypothesis doesn’t fit the observations, we reject it. But if it [...]


Poor African Farmers Evicted to Make Way for Carbon Offset Forests – A Note from Marc Morano

Note: Never mind that trees plantings to offset emissions actually makes the environment worse according to one study. (See: Carbon offsets ‘harm environment’ – BBC. The poor farmers are bearing the brunt of misguided and scientifically unfounded global warming fears and “solutions.” The other side of carbon trading Planting trees in Uganda to offset [...]

Next Ice Age Delayed by Man-Made CO2?

A news release from the University of Southampton, UK: Next Ice Age delayed by rising CO2 levels Future ice ages may be delayed by up to half a million years by our burning of fossil fuels. That is the implication of recent work by Dr Toby Tyrrell of the University of Southampton’s School of Ocean [...]

Stopping Logging Won’t Stop Global Warming: A Note from Norman Endacott

Save the Forests: they are crucial to reducing CO2 This is the call to arms which we get from Professor Brendan Mackey, Professor of Environmental Science at the ANU, in the Opinion Section of the Melbourne’s The Age of August 7, 2007. The heading was followed by a sub-heading which makes the unequivocal assertion that [...]

Geoffrey Cousins Should Visit Us: A Plea from Timber Workers in Tasmania

High profile Sydney business man Geoffrey Cousins is running a campaign against a new pulp mill proposed for the Tamar Valley in Tasmania. His campaign appears to haver resulted in the federal government deciding to delay their decision by at least six weeks. But how much does Geoffrey Cousins really know about the forestry industry? [...]

Already an Aluminium Smelter in the ‘Pristine’ Tamar Valley: A Blog Post by Graham Young

If you were planning a pulp mill there could hardly be a better spot [than the Tamar Valley in Tasmania]. What’s more, the area is so settled that only an idiot, or someone who hadn’t even bothered with the minimum of research, could call it “pristine”… Read the full blog post here which shows that [...]

Clean Coal power plant for Queensland?

AUSTRALIA will have a blueprint for a near-zero-emission coal-fired power plant by the end of next year after drill tests proved the central Queensland coal and gas fields could safely store greenhouse gas underground. Read the rest of the article in The Australian.

Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory – a note from Marc Morano

[Note: This is devastating new climate research submitted to the journal Energy and Environment, which continues to show how the entire man-made global warming fear movement is “falling apart.” See earlier EPW Blog: New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears Breaking News: Excerpt: Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave [...]

‘Little future’ for APEC without ‘real action’ on climate change?

Article in The Australian: Climate change can’t bog down APEC NEXT week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum meeting in Sydney won’t be its last, but if we accept Kevin Rudd’s view of the world then, like John Howard, its days may be numbered. The press release accompanying Rudd’s speech to the Australian Institute of International Affairs [...]

Half of Australians to be forced to fit solar hot water systems?

According to a report in The Australian, Labor plan to impose a ban on electric hot water systems from 2012, in favour of solar systems, in order to cut those ubiquitous greenhouse gas emissions. Read the full story here.