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Capricorn coast

Acknowledgement of the Need for Management of Australia’s Rangelands

FANCY an article on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website suggesting that, “the rangelands are overall, in remarkably good health”. Not only that, but the recent article suggested there is a role for landholder in the management of Australia’s rangelands. As Barry Traill explained: “Ecologists worry that with disappearance of the rangelands’ custodians there will be […]

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Leaving Mt Morris, Charleville: Cate Stuart

“There is a crisis in Australian farming and grazing fraternity. Bank foreclosures are increasing at a rapid rate. Land valuations, lending criteria, misrepresentation from business advisors, increasing cost of production, low commodity prices, over regulation, animal rights activists all these, and many more reasons are causing a tidal wave to crash down on the rural […]

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Retraction of GM-Maize Rat Study Findings

Dear ABCA Subscribers, The journal Food and Chemical Toxicology today announced the retraction of the article Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize by Séralini et al first published online in September 2012. Shortly after the article was originally published, the journal received many letters to the editor expressing […]

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Northern Australian Agriculture Will Need GM Cotton

As part of his election campaigning, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was recently in Darwin and Kununurra revealing plans for an expansion of the Ord River scheme including into the Northern Territory. But there was no mention of a major obstacle to making such a plan viable, in particular the removal of absurd anti-cotton […]

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Golden Rice

Scientific Community Condemns Destruction of Golden Rice

On 8th August 2013, vandals destroyed a Philippine government field trial of Golden Rice (GR). A petition organised by Dr Channapatna S. Prakash, a professor of plant molecular genetics, explains that… “As the world’s population continues its increase, sustainable food production is becoming increasingly challenging. More food must be produced in the next 50 years […]

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Liverpool Plains February 2007

Coalition’s Soil Carbon Plan Unviable

THERE will soon be a federal election in Australia. One of the issues that should be discussed and debated is ‘climate change’ and how the Australian Labor party, led by Kevin Rudd, versus the Conservative Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, plan to address this important issue. Central to the Coalition’s policy is a Direction Action […]

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Causes of Honey Bee Decline

I visited Hidcote Manor Gardens in Warwickshire earlier today. They have several honey bee hives and a notice board claiming three different reasons for the decline in honey bee colonies across the UK. “The number of honey bee colonies in the UK has halved in recent years. This is probably due to: 1. The use […]

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Away with Rio+20: The Voice of the Peasant

‘GOVERNMENTS from all over the world will meet in Río de Janeiro, Brasil from June 20-22 2012, to supposedly commemorate 20 years since the “Earth Summit”, the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, that established for the first time a global agenda for “sustainable development”. During this summit, in 1992, three international conventions […]

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Who filmed the video clip of Australian cattle in the Indonesian abattoirs?

IN June 2011 the Australian government halted all live cattle exports to Indonesia after ABC Four Corners broadcast disturbing footage of Australian cattle being mistreated in Indonesian abattoirs.  Australians were lead to believe that this footage, that shocked the nation, was typical of what occurs inside many abattoirs in Indonesia: that the footage was real. […]

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