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June 2009
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Archive for June, 2009

Costing a Whale

LAST week the International Whaling Commission (IWC) met on the Portuguese island of Madeira and agreed that climate change is a threat to whales.   A decision on the Danish proposal for Greenland to hunt 10 humpback whales a year was postponed.  Australia’s Environment Minister was there and told the meeting that whale-watching is a growing [...]


Sceptics Assess Government’s Climate Answers

Assessment of Minister Wong’s “Written Reply to Senator Fielding’s Three Questions on Climate Change” by Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and William Kininmonth.  Read all here.

More Mosquitos in Colombo

An outbreak of dengue fever in Sri Lanka has led to 151 deaths and is continuing to spread. To cover up its own responsibility for the erosion of public health care, the government has blamed ordinary people for the epidemic and imposed punitive measures on those who fail to comply with its regulations.  Read more [...]

Rational Advice on ‘Carbon Act’ Censored

ON Friday President Barrack Obama praised the House of Representatives for passing the ‘Clean Energy and Security Act’.  Everyone agrees that it’s far reaching legislation, and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made mention of the event as a reason for Australia to hurry-up with its own emissions trading laws.   The US Environment Protection Agency [...]

Defining the Sceptics (Part 5)

ACCORDING to Raymond Harvey: The scientific sceptic, as opposed to the philosophical sceptic, is defined by rational inquiry — someone who investigates with a disposition to be persuaded. THE Greek word skopein – from which the English word scope derives – means “to observe, aim at, examine.” It is related to the Greek skeptesthai, which means [...]

New US ‘Clean Energy’ Bill versus Trade

President Obama praised the energy bill passed by the House as an “extraordinary first step,” but he spoke out against a provision that would impose trade penalties on countries that do not accept limits on global warming pollution.  Read more here.

Think Like a Fish

UNLUCKY fishermen are all alike: We don’t know how to see.  Read more here.

Worrying About Small Changes

IN the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Al Gore used the tale of a frog in a warming container not jumping out, but rather boiling to death, as a caution against inaction, against letting small changes, small increases in temperature, go unaddressed.    But what if, since the movie was released in 2006, there has been a [...]

US ‘Cap n Trade’ Carbon Act Passes First Major Hurdle

YESTERDAY President Barrack Obama praised the House of Representatives for its “Historic action with the passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act …  It’s a bold and necessary step that holds the promise of creating new industries and millions of new jobs, decreasing our dangerous dependence on foreign oil… Now it’s up to [...]

How the US Temperature Record is Adjusted

There has been criticism of the potential for official weather stations in the USA to record artificially high temperatures because of the changing environments in which they exist, for example, new asphalt, new building or new air conditioning outlets.   Meteorologist, Anthony Watts, has documented evidence of the problem and Canadian academic, Ross McKitrick, has attempted to [...]