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Bowhead Whale Harvest

Stop the Whaling

THE United Nations’ Hague-based International Court of Justice yesterday ruled that Japan’s annual Antarctic whale hunt must stop because it is not scientific. I wonder how much trouble the Japanese did have getting their research on skinny whales published… remember the blog post back in 2008. Japan has said it will honour the ruling. It […]

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Japanese Whale Harvest Halted by Activists Operating ‘Small Navy’?

I HAVE no problems with the sustainable harvest of whales in the Southern Ocean using a grenade tipped harpoon to facilitate a quick death. This is the method used by the Japanese. Usually the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports extensively on the activists attempts to stop this harvest, and from their righteous perspective. I’ve just received […]

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Minke whale

Definitions of Science: Double Standards from Australian Government

The Australian legal system ruled on the definition of science some years ago, however, the Australian government is now pursuing the Japanese and their whaling program on the basis of an all together different definition, explains Charlotte Ramotswe.   Dear Jennifer, Australia has taken Japan to the International Court of Justice disputing a basis of […]

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raw whale

Japan Attacks Aussie Moralising on Whaling

JAPAN has told the UN’s top court that Australia’s anti-whaling stance is part of a ‘civilising mission and moral crusade’ that is totally out of place in the modern world. That’s according to Sky News, and I couldn’t agree more. The article continues… Tokyo didn’t hold back in its opening submission to the 16 judges […]

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Whale on Menu for Activists?

THE Australian government is under pressure to secure the release of three Australian activists detained after boarding a Japanese whaling security ship the Shonan Maru No 2. But it is more likely the men will be taken to Japan to face legal action. Prisoners don’t usually get a lot of choice in what they have […]

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The Scientific American Over 30 Years: Vincent Grey

I HAVE been a subscriber to the “Scientific American” for over 30 years. It used to be the most useful summary of the most important recent scientific discoveries. I have witnessed its slow and inexorable decline, to an organ of the environmental movement, an advocate of “global warming”, a peddler of extravagant cosmological theories, unflinching support […]

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Costing a Whale

LAST week the International Whaling Commission (IWC) met on the Portuguese island of Madeira and agreed that climate change is a threat to whales.   A decision on the Danish proposal for Greenland to hunt 10 humpback whales a year was postponed.  Australia’s Environment Minister was there and told the meeting that whale-watching is a growing […]

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No! More Killer Whales!

Scientists fear melting sea ice could one day make killer whales the Hudson Bay’s top predator, a startling ecosystem shift and a blow for Inuit populations already reeling from dwindling polar bear numbers.  Read more here.

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Reject ‘Steve Irwin’: Whalers Plea to Australian Government

The Japan Whaling Association (JWA) today called on the Australian and New Zealand governments to close their ports to a Dutch vessel committing criminal acts in the Antarctic. The President of the JWA, Mr Keiichi Nakajima, said the Dutch vessel committing terror on the Antarctic high seas is running low on fuel and is apparently […]

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