Archive | June 10, 2009

The Already Bankrupt Brown Green

IN the south east of Tasmania, there was once a thriving timber town known as Wielangata. In its heyday it had a general store, bakery, blacksmiths’ shops, school and of course several saw mills.  Wielangta was ravaged by bushfires in the 1920s and abandoned in 1928. Australian Greens’ Senator Bob Brown has been claiming the […]

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In Defence of ‘Heaven and Earth’

IN the following open letter to the President of the Australian Academy of Science, William Kininmonth explains that the science of climate change is ‘not settled’ and if the scientific community is to get to a position where it can confidently prediction future climate it will be necessary to both understand why and how the climate system has varied in the […]

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A Green Argues for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy may well be that backup, or indeed (as I suspect) a mainstay for future energy generation in Australia and worldwide… there is a technology …called integral fast reactor nuclear power, which burns up 99 per cent of the nuclear fuel, leaves no long-lived waste, is passively safe … and does not generate weapons-grade material… […]

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