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January 2009
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Archive for January, 2009

A Female ‘Black’ Satin Bowerbird

The following picture of a female ‘black’ satin bowerbird, Ptilonorhynchus violaceus, was taken in Katoomba on January 31, 2009, by Jennifer Marohasy. 


New Jungles

By one estimate, for every acre of rain forest cut down each year, more than 50 acres of new forest are growing in the tropics on land that was once farmed, logged or ravaged by natural disaster.  Read more here in the New York Times.  This good news was reported eight years ago by Marc Morano, Read more [...]

No Balance in Environmental Reporting at The New York Times: John Coleman

AT his popular New York Times blog, environmental journalist Andrew Revkin asks the question “Can a scientists be a Citizen, Too?”  But what Mr Revkin is really asking is: should scientists become involved in advocacy? Mr Revkin provides the case of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies Chief, James Hansen, as a specific example and suggests that [...]

Al Gore Visits Washington

With all due respect, we’re doomed.  Read more here.  To fly around the globe spewing carbon everywhere you go to be just like our former vice president.   Read more here.

New ‘Save the Sea Kittens’ Campaign

Who could possibly want to put a hook through a sea kitten?  Read more here.  [Via Wes George]

A Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo and Two Messages for Australian Readers

THIS beautiful bird, a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, has been sitting in a tree outside my study perhaps wondering when I am going to refill the bird-feeder with some bird seed.   The few times I have walked outside this afternoon the bird has squarked, perhaps asking me to “fill it!” Meanwhile I have been posting a couple of messages at the [...]

Gillian Hogendyk Finalist in Rural Woman’s Award

GILLIAN Hogendyk is passionate about the Macquarie Marshes and, with her husband Chris, is involved in the restoration of a block they purchased some years ago.  In part because of this work, Gillian has been selected as a finalist in this year’s NSW Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award.  The two other NSW finalists [...]

Bob Carter to Visit Mittagong: February 19, 2009

How Dangerous is Human-caused Climate Change? The well-known climate scientist, Professor Robert (“Bob”) Carter, will be in Mittagong on Thursday 19 February at 6.30pm at Clubbe Hall, Frensham School, to give a Royal Society lecture [Royal Society NSW Southern Highlands branch]  on the science of climate change. Governments around the world are implementing Emissions Trading Schemes [...]

So Hot in Southern Australia, and In 1900

IT has been very hot in southern Australia.  I have been waiting to hear someone blame global warming and it came, but only today, and I’ve only heard it from Climate Change Minister Penny Wong: ”The scorching weather across southern Australia proved the accuracy of warnings by climate change scientists.” [1] Of course it’s been hot before in southern Australia.  Following [...]

No Reporting of Slowing Greenland Glaciers: Shame on the MSM

SUCH has been the fear of Greenland’s melting glaciers that well known Australian science journalist Robyn Williams has claimed sea levels could rise by 100 metres within the next 100 years. [1]   Mr Williams, and other journalists, have been quick to report on what has become known as the “Greenland Ice Armageddon”.  Last Friday there [...]