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So Hot in Southern Australia, and In 1900

IT has been very hot in southern Australia.  I have been waiting to hear someone blame global warming and it came, but only today, and I’ve only heard it from Climate Change Minister Penny Wong: “The scorching weather across southern Australia proved the accuracy of warnings by climate change scientists.” [1] Of course it’s been hot before in southern Australia.  Following […]

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No Reporting of Slowing Greenland Glaciers: Shame on the MSM

SUCH has been the fear of Greenland’s melting glaciers that well known Australian science journalist Robyn Williams has claimed sea levels could rise by 100 metres within the next 100 years. [1]   Mr Williams, and other journalists, have been quick to report on what has become known as the “Greenland Ice Armageddon”.  Last Friday there […]

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First Author of ‘Antarctic Warming Paper’ Claims Libel

THE prestigious journal Nature published an article last Friday explaining that the Antarctic has been generally warming and at about the same rate as the rest of the planet.  [1]  Within the scientific community it had been generally been accepted that as a continent, Antarctica, has been getting colder contrary to most of the rest of the planet.  Publication of […]

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Overharvesting Frogs?

 UP to one billion frogs are taken from the wild for human consumption each year … France and the US are the two biggest importers, Indonesia the largest exporter.  Read more here.

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It’s Hot in Southern Australia

Records may tumble over the next few days with temperatures in both Melbourne and Adelaide soaring.  The record for Adelaide is 46. degrees C (114.98 degrees F), set 70 years ago.   Yesterday it topped 45.5 degrees C (113.9 degrees F).

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