Archive | January 7, 2009

Surface-based Temperature Records

THE warmaholics are fond of using the phrase “official records going back to 1850”, but the simple facts are that prior to the 1970s, surface-based temperatures from a few indiscriminate, mostly backyard locations in Europe and the US are fatally corrupted and not in any sense a real record.  Read more here.

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29 Years of Global Temperatures Based on Satellite Data

I have previously written that in not so many years time weather station data will perhaps be collected more for fun, a sense of history and for site-specific information, than for serious regional and global climate statistics.   In the future it will be data from satellites that is recognised as much more reliable for understanding […]

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Annual Australian Climate Statement 2008

IT came out on Monday.  But I have only just seen it – the climate summary for Australia for 2008. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology could have concluded that last year was the third coolest this century, but instead opted for 14th warmest on record.   Certainly, the available information compiled from thermometer readings suggests the last […]

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