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Cooper Creek Wilderness in Direct Path of Ita – UPDATED

SEVERE Tropical Cyclone Ita, Category 5, is expected to move in a general southwest direction towards the far north Queensland coast tonight and into Friday, while possibly intensifying further. That’s the advice at the Bureau of Meteorology website. Neil Hewett, who has contributed so many beautiful photographs to this website, and his beloved Cooper Creek [...]


Best Book: Belly of the Beast

“AS a generalization, most hunters love animals, most foresters love trees, most fishermen love fish, most miners love rocks and most farmers love the soil. “Strong proponents of the intrinsic values of wildlife today tend to be intolerant of any uses of wildlife by people, particularly consumptive uses, because the uses clash with the moral [...]

What is Wilderness (Part 13)

What is wilderness? Dave W provides some insights… IT is a place that is not under human control: a place where people might pass through, but not stay: a land where the wild beasts rule. Before people existed, the world was one vast wilderness. Since we’ve been around, wild areas are less and less common. [...]

Enchanted Pools, Sierra Nevada, California

Jennifer, I would like to share a photograph of a ‘magical place’ from a cross-country hike, from several years ago, of the Enchanted Pools loop, in the Northern Sierras. The amateur photographer is tiocampo. Here’s a link to all of the photos taken by Frank Farmer (aka tiocampo) on that day. He includes a [...]

Know Your Environments?

Guess where I took this photograph… and what the rock formation shows?

Happy Easter, And

Can someone guess where I took this photograph?

New Daintree Rainforest Website: Neil Hewett

HAVE  you had a chance to check out the spectacular new Daintree Rainforest website?  Magnificent beauty and extraordinary biodiversity presented through a gallery of images in full-screen format.   The complexities of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world continue to challenge humanity as it strives to comprehend the continuity of growth, the intricate relationships and [...]

Holiday Reading: Emma Marris

Hi Jennifer, Longtime reader etc etc and I must thankyou for your always interesting blog. I could find no mention of Emma Marris and her new book ‘The Rambunctious Garden’ on there so I wondered if you were aware of it. I thought it would generate some debate as it has with my group of [...]

Season’s Greetings

This brilliant red, waxy toadstool is the fruiting body of an inconspicuous fungus that thrives on leaf litter, rotting wood and soil in the rainforests of North Queensland when the weather starts to warm up…  which is usually towards Christmas time in Australia. The image was sent to me by Neil Hewett from Cooper Creek [...]

A Note from the Daintree

Hello Jennifer, Tourism in the Daintree Rainforest is continuing to decline, partly because of the relative value of the Australian dollar. Recent upturns in the global economy have been met with a proportionate recovery in other parts of Australia, but the far north seems to have suffered the double whammy of natural disasters which have [...]