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Cooper Creek, Cape York.  Photograph by Jen. June 2012

Federal Court Rules Against Wild Rivers

Queensland’s Wild Rivers legislation was declared invalid in Cape York by an Australian Federal Court judge yesterday. The court decision focused on the previous Labor government’s declaration of the Archer, Lockhart and Stewart Rivers on April 3 2009 as an election promise to secure green preferences in inner city electorates. Two years earlier Neil Hewett […]

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Aboriginal self-determination: The Whiteman’s dream – Gary Johns

GARY Johns, a former colleague and friend of many years, has just had a book published by Connor Court entitled ‘Aboriginal self-determination: The Whiteman’s dream’.   I haven’t got my copy yet, so can’t provide a review, but no doubt it will be hard hitting.   Gary believes in integration, not self determination, for Australia’s aborigines.  According to Gary: “Aboriginal self-determination […]

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Reluctant Recognition of Rainforest Heritage

On the 11th July 1987, Australians voted the ALP and Bob Hawke into federal government. Labor’s campaign promise, to stop logging within Queensland’s Wet Tropical rainforests via World Heritage nomination, was well supported and true to its word, inscription was ratified a mere sixteen months later. World Heritage listing for the area’s Cultural Heritage was […]

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What is Wilderness? (Part 2)

“For many aboriginal people, wilderness offers no cause for fond nostalgia. Rather, it represents a tract of land without custodians.” Martin Thomas, 2003, The Artificial Horizon. pg 29. ‘The Three Sisters’ – A rock formation in The Blue Mountains. Photographed May 4, 2008. ——————— What is Wilderness? Part 1, August 15, 2005

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Comprehending Footprints

No, this is not a photograph of my two left feet … I will only claim the shod one at the left. Australia’s heaviest native land animal, the adult female Southern Cassowary Casuarius casuarius johnsonii, left the imprint of the other. As can be seen against my size-10 clodhopper, this is a bird that would […]

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Native Title Deal

According to a report in today’s Cairns Post, the Federal Court of Australia has made a consent determination, handing over a major management role of 126,000 hectares in the Daintree, to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji native title holders. The determination has resulted in a major reconfiguration of land ownership and management arrangements across a complex […]

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Uluru to be Banned from Climbing?

According to Zoie Jones of ABC News, University of Western Sydney Researcher, Sarah James has found that attitudes to climbing Uluru have changed, and the time might be right to close the climb altogether. Interesting that it has taken so long to come to such a reckoning, when Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park became […]

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Kin and Country – The Cape York Indigenous Conservation Agenda (Part II)

The progress of the Cape York Conservation Agenda is carving a deepening rift between indigenous interests and those of metropolitan-based ‘green’ groups. Whilst the former lobbies for social engagement within real economies, the latter crusades for an often over-simplified notion of environmental protection. Over-arching this ideological tussle, government verily executes authority for the political rewards […]

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Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

I have long held the view that the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Australia is self-defeating. Belonging to the same landscape; bound together in territorial respect for the aspirations, life and memory of our own constituents; surely it can be agreed that the dislocation of indigenous peoples from their living cultural landscape is as abhorrent […]

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