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Dennis Jensen

Australia Will Have Minister for Sport, But No Minister for Science

Dennis Jensen MP, Liberal from Western Australia, in an interview with Latika Bourke explains some of what’s wrong with the new Abbott Cabinet and also highlights problems with some of the more absurd of the proposed Abbott-government policies including ‘Direct Action’ on climate change. You should be able to listen here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-17/dennis-jensen-hits-out-at-science-confusion-in-new-ministry/4962898 (more…)

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Howard and Abbott

Remembering Appalling Policies Introduced by Previous Coalition Governments (Part 1)

POPULAR sceptical blogger, Jo Nova, has responded to Labor’s defeat in yesterday’s Australian federal election with the headline ‘Voters crush the carbon tax and corruption – worst Australian government gone’. I’m not so sure. It remains my view that the previous Coalition Government lead by John Howard was a disaster, particularly when it came to […]

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Liverpool Plains February 2007

Coalition’s Soil Carbon Plan Unviable

THERE will soon be a federal election in Australia. One of the issues that should be discussed and debated is ‘climate change’ and how the Australian Labor party, led by Kevin Rudd, versus the Conservative Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, plan to address this important issue. Central to the Coalition’s policy is a Direction Action […]

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Kevin Rudd laughs

Dumping the Carbon Tax without Dumping Anything

THE Coalition’s attacks on the carbon tax have been more about broken promises than policy, allowing Kevin Rudd to ‘dump the tax’ without actually dumping anything, writes Chris Berg… “WHEN Julia Gillard promised in 2010 that there would be no carbon tax under a government she led – but that her government would pursue an […]

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How Abbott Must Recast Coalition Climate Policy

KEVIN Rudd took over as Australian Prime Minister replacing Julia Gillard on June 26, 2013. Since then, with the announcement by Mr Rudd that he now intends to bring forward the transition from a strict carbon tax to an emissions trading scheme, the politics of climate change and carbon taxing have changed dramatically. If the […]

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Petition Urging the Australian PM to Delay Introduction of the Carbon Tax Legislation

Hi,   My apologies if you’ve already seen this, but I’m giving it as wide a distribution as I can and hope that you will do the same. This link is to a petition urging the Prime Minister to delay the introduction of carbon tax legislation until after an election: http://www.epetitions.comeonaustralia.com/petition/sign/pid/9 Please sign the petition if […]

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‘Carbon Tax’ Hurt Labor Vote in NSW

Tonight, in the Australian state of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell has swept 16 years of Labor government into history with a landslide victory.   The magnitude of his 17 per cent swing has surprised many.  Labor is likely to end up with as few as 20 seats in the 93-seat parliament. During the election campaign, while Mr […]

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We Need a Steady Voice: A Note from Phil Sawyer

I am convinced that a competently run and managed party, overtly running on a pro-science platform, could win enough Senate seats in the Australian Parliament at the next election to take control from the independents and the Greens. This post briefly explores the potential for success of such a party, and invites responses from readers. […]

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