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Using Artificial Intelligence to Forecast Rainfall

OVER the last year, John Abbot and I have worked on a new method for forecasting rainfall based on the use of artificial intelligence. We have benchmarked our forecasts against output from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s General Circulation Model (POAMA 1.5).  Our model gives a more accurate forecast for 16 of the 17 sites […]

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One Big Quoll

Jen, Have a look at the size of this male quoll we saw in Boonoo Boonoo National Park near Stanthorpe a few days ago. It is currently mating season for quolls and he was quite aggressive as well as curious. They are rare in southeastern Queensland these days. As you would know, these Dasyurus maculatus […]

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Thank YOU, And

My name is Mr Koala and I would like to thank some of the readers of this blog for their very generous donation: M (from the NT) donated $50 P (from SA) donated $50 J (from NSW) donated $100 So Jen and I have $200 from our recent fundraising drive.  Thank you! (more…)

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Deal with Climate Reality as it Unfolds: Bob Carter

“OVER the last 18 months, policymakers in Canada, the U.S. and Japan have quietly abandoned the illusory goal of preventing global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Instead, an alternative view has emerged regarding the most cost-effective way in which to deal with the undoubted hazards of climate change. “This view points toward setting a […]

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World Leaders to Tackle Real Pollution from Black Carbon

“IT seems to have gone virtually unnoticed, but the world leaders at the weekend’s G8 summit look as if they have taken the biggest step in years in tackling climate change. And it’s quite apart from anything to do with carbon dioxide. “The summit’s final communiqué, the Camp David Declaration, supports; comprehensive actions’ to reduce […]

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Why the Carbon Tax? Peter Lang

Dear Members of Parliament and Senators Why is the government insistent on implementing a CO2 price, given that it will not make any difference to the climate, or to sea levels, and most certainly will not “lead the world by example” (as has been so clearly demonstrated at the Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban conferences)? If […]

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