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Archive for April, 2012

Believing the Oceans Will Keep Warming

ANTHROPOGENIC Global Warming (AGW) theory is currently the most fashionable climate theory and its proponents have risked much by predicting a continuation in what has been a 150-year general warming trend. There are already some indications this trend is stalling with no increase in average global atmospheric temperatures for 15 years [1]. For those who [...]


Wise Words from Wine Man Philip White: Concerning Murray Mouth Barrages

PASSIONATE about the wine industry, Philip White grew up in the Bremer Valley of the Lower Murray. He now lives on the opposite side of the South Mount Lofty Ranges at McLaren Vale. He tastes wine and writes about wine, and the wine growing regions of South Australia. Today he was judging at the inaugural [...]

Unable and Unwilling to Consider the Evidence: Our ABC

SCIENCE was once about matching theory with reality. According to American physicist and historian Thomas Kuhn this perhaps more than anything else contributed to the phenomenal progress made by scientists over the last 400 years. But many people appear to have a problem with understanding theory and considering it in the context of reality. Consider [...]

Supernovae Affecting Global Climate and Ocean Biodiversity and Productivity

REMEMBER Henrick Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen and cosmic ray theory [1]: the idea from these Danish physicists and climate scientists that global climate may be mediated by changes in the flux of galactic cosmic rays because cosmic ray are conducive to cloud formation? Henrik Svensmark has just published a new paper: now available for download [...]

Beach Mounds Not Middens

WALKING on the beach this afternoon I took some photographs of beach mounds. I’m referring to piles of shells and pebbles regularly positioned between, and parallel to, the high and low tide marks. Are these beach mounds a consequence of the ebb tide dragging the sand away from the shells and pebbles or a consequence [...]

When The Facts Change: Mark Latham and Robert Manne are Stuck

FORMER Labor leader, Mark Latham, is clearly not an empiricist, though he claims to be and he claims that another leading Australian advocate for anthropogenic global warming, Robert Manne, is also an empiricist and always quick to change his mind should the facts change. Indeed the opening comments in his long opinion piece, published in [...]

Answers for Simon Birmingham, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Murray-Darling Basin

LATE last year several of my friends sent off postcards as part of the Australian Environment Foundation’s Rivers Need Estuaries Campaign. You can still send a postcard and sign the petition here: There is a choice of message, for example: Dear Senator, Maintaining artificial freshwater lakes using 7.6 kilometres of concrete barrages has: 1. [...]

Britain Gives Shale Gas Fracking Green Light: Benny Peiser

The UK government on Tuesday backed the exploration of shale gas nearly one year after it temporarily banned the drilling method which triggered two earthquakes in Britain but that has also revolutionised the U.S. energy market. An expert report commissioned by the government said shale gas fracking, a process where pressurised water and chemicals are [...]

My Submission to the Murray Darling Basin Authority

I’ve just sent off my submission, with John Abbot, on the Proposed Basin Plan.  You can download the document [10MB] here: We conclude: The Proposed Basin Plan is seriously flawed because it has been developed from false assumptions that there is always a shortage of water in the Murray Darling Basin, there is no [...]

Brown Leaves Greens

ON Friday, the leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, announced he was stepping down and also retiring from Australian federal politics. Miranda Devine has a piece in today’s Herald Sun that begins: “THE intergalactic phones still didn’t ring on Friday after the earth-shattering news that Greens Leader Bob Brown had resigned. Was that [...]