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Oil Washes Ashore

Up to 100,000 litres of oil leaked into Moreton Bay after the Pacific Adventurer cargo ship was holed on Wednesday morning, and the slicks are now blanketing 60 kilometres of Queensland’s coastline.  Read more here.

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South Australia’s Water Woes Include Much Politics

I have it on good advice, from the cabbie who drove me to the airport in Canberra recently, that South Australian senator Nick Xenophon is the most powerful politician in Australia.  Mr Xenophon is certainly demanding the attention of the most powerful politician officially, the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, by insisting on more water for […]

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No! More Killer Whales!

Scientists fear melting sea ice could one day make killer whales the Hudson Bay’s top predator, a startling ecosystem shift and a blow for Inuit populations already reeling from dwindling polar bear numbers.  Read more here.

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Reflections following Climate Change Conference in NY

After spending time at the largest gathering of world class climatologists, meteorologists, physicists, engineers, and economists, among other very brainy folks, I came away with the feeling that the battle remains joined by this hearty group, otherwise derided as skeptics and deniers of global warming.   Read more here, from Alan Caruba.

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Australians: Sign the Petition Against the ETS

Jennifer, I heard you on Radio 2GB which was great [even if China’s population has expanded to 6 billion!] and have posted it here.  Max Rheese.  Max, I did mentioned the need to sign the petition, click here.  Sorry for confusing the size of the world’s population with China’s!  Jennifer Marohasy.

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Time for Plan B: Adaptation to Climate Change

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s plan of prevention has been trialled by combining regulation under the Kyoto Protocol with the dissuasive powers of a carbon dioxide trading system, for instance in Europe.  From this trial it is apparent that the CO2 reductions agreed to under Kyoto, even were all to be achieved, will […]

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