Archive | March 2, 2009

Global Warming in Perspective: A Note from William Happer

“BUT the climate is warming and CO2 is increasing. Doesn’t this prove that CO2 is causing global warming through the greenhouse effect?  “No, the current warming period began about 1800 at the end of the little ice age, long before there was an appreciable increase of CO2. There have been similar and even larger warmings […]

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To Tax or Trade Carbon

Australian economist Alan Moran considers the advantages of taxing versus trading to reduce carbon emissions and concludes the best policy for Australia is to do nothing till 2020, then catch up by 2050, given the Treasury’s estimate at 3 percent of GDP.  Read more here.

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Shark Numbers and Shark Attacks

THERE have been three shark attacks in Sydney waters over the last three weeks, but there is no agreement as to whether shark numbers are on the increase – or not. According to NSW Deputy Premier, Carmel Tebbuts, there is no evidence of increased shark numbers in NSW but Ms Tebbuts does admit cleaner waterways […]

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