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When Ngurunderi walked across the Murray’s mouth

AUSTRALIA was erroneously considered terra nullius at the time of European settlement. I know this wasn’t a land belonging to no one because there are the dreamtime stories, including the story about the formation of the Murray River. It happened as the hunter of creation times chased the mighty Murray cod downstream, the bends and [...]


The Nature of Inclusive Climate Science

Not so long ago, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, released a report about how it is now hotter, and that there is a 95% chance this has been caused by human activity. This key finding was from just part 1 of a 3-part report. Part 2, is probably more relevant to [...]

Tony Abbott’s New Ministry Announced: South Australian Simon Birmingham to Enforce Corrupt Basin Plan

PRIME Minister-elect Tony Abbott today announced his new Ministry [1]. There were few surprises. Again a South Australian will be responsible for water. Indeed Simon Birmingham as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, has been given special responsibility for water.

Can Cathy McGowan Fix the Travesty of National Water Reform?

MOST of the federal electorates within the Murray Darling are held by MPs from either the Liberal or National Parties. Over recent years, however, major water policies instigated by federal Coalition governments that directly impact these electorates have been to their long-term detriment. It makes no sense, until one realises that the Coalition has assumed [...]

Murray Darling Basin Authority Rewriting History – Yet Again

IAN Rowan lives on the shores of Lake Alexandrina and he is fed-up with the nonsense from the Murray Darling Basin Authority. In an open letter to the Authority following the recent publication of the ‘2013-2014 Basin Annual Environmental Watering Priorities’ he states: “If the Murray Darling Basin Authority et al cannot even get recent [...]

The Native Fish Strategy for the Murray Darling Ten Years On (Part 2)

HUNDREDS of millions of dollars have been spent on fishways, resnagging, riparian revegetation, not to mention the billions for water buyback, all recommendations of the Native Fish Strategy for the Murray Darling Basin 2003-2013 [1]. Those who implemented the program, however, claim no progress, in particular that numbers of Murray cod are still in decline [...]

The Native Fish Strategy for the Murray Darling Ten Years On (Part 1)

IT is ten years since the launch of the ‘Native Fish Strategy for the Murray Darling Basin 2003-2013’ [1]. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the program including to re-snag the main channel of the Murray River with microchip embedded logs, building fish-ways and of course returning hundred of gigalitres of water. [...]

Expensive Water Still in Dams: Barnaby Joyce

Media Release 850 billion litres of water purchased through Federal Government buybacks has not been used according to an Australian Audit Office report, Commonwealth Environmental Watering Activities, released today. This is despite the Federal Government not expecting to acquire even half the Murray Darling Basin water it has deemed necessary for environmental watering purposes. The [...]

Dam Building in Singapore

MANY South Australians, and the Australian government, and the Murray Darling Basin Authority, claim that it is necessary to have barrages across the bottom of the Murray River because of the upstream irrigation industries [1]. There is no equivalent large-scale irrigation in Singapore, but they have barrages across the Marina channel. In Singapore, unlike Australia, [...]

Absurd Murray Darling Basin Plan Now Irreversible

THE key plank of the national water reform agenda in Australia, the Murray Darling Basin Plan, was presented to the Australian Parliament on 22nd November 2012, and was passed with the support of the Coalition on 29th November. There was a dis-allowance motion, but that expired earlier this week. The same day, Tuesday 19th March [...]