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Bad Farmers Produce More Food

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs and you can’t grow food without water – and lots of it. That’s reality. But fashion dictates that farmers pretend otherwise. Consider the ‘Rice and the Environment’ page at the Ricegrower’s Association of Australia website. It says that the rice industry was “the first to initiate a […]

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Which Pesticides Should be Banned?

NICK Heath is worried about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce and after ten years in business and consulting, moved into political and policy advice for government.  He’s now the national program leader for water at WWF-Australia.   He’s been spearheading the ongoing WWF campaign to ‘Save the Great […]

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Live Export Ban Lifted

FEDERAL Agriculture Minister, Joe Ludwig, has lifted the live export suspension to Indonesia at a press conference in Canberra. Minister Ludwig said agreement had been met with the live export industry on international standards for animal welfare treatment, while exporters were ready to meet those standards and Indonesia ready to issue import permits. Mr Ludwig […]

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Demands for Moratorium on Organic Food

“Right now, someone nearby is buying organic bean sprouts. It may be the last thing he ever does. Last week’s E. coli outbreak in Germany – potentially traced to an organic farm – was more deadly than the largest nuclear disaster of the last quarter-century.” These are the claim in an article in the Washington […]

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Australian Cattle Not Singled Out for Brutal Death

I saw many buffalo, cattle and also deer, slaughtered in Indonesia during the 1970s. There was usually praying, the beast’s head was secured, and then a sharp knife used to saw through the neck. I write ‘saw’ because the neck is thick and as I watched it seemed to take time for the knife to […]

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Rice Suits the Murray Darling Basin

 MANY environmentalists don’t believe we should be growing rice in Australia.   I disagree.   Rice suits a land of drought or flooding rains.  Unlike almonds, grapes and other perennial crops, rice doesn’t need water every year.  It’s an annual crop that can be planted only when there is an excess of water. I visited Wakool rice farmer John […]

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