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How Abbott Must Recast Coalition Climate Policy

KEVIN Rudd took over as Australian Prime Minister replacing Julia Gillard on June 26, 2013. Since then, with the announcement by Mr Rudd that he now intends to bring forward the transition from a strict carbon tax to an emissions trading scheme, the politics of climate change and carbon taxing have changed dramatically. If the […]

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Chinese Academy of Science Open to Skepticism

IN Australia and other so-called developed Western nations there is very little tolerance of contrary opinion when it comes to one of the biggest contested scientific issues of our time – climate change. Indeed the mainstream research community is closed to skeptics and skepticism. Not so in China, however, where on Saturday June 15, 2013 […]

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Tax Air book

Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change

IT’S focused on Australia, popular misconceptions about the environment, history, climate and there is more, it’s chock full of cartoons! I’m referring to a new book by scientist Bob Carter [1] and cartoonist John Spooner entitled Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change. Some of the big issues address: Just 8,000 years ago, there […]

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Holiday Reading: Emma Marris

Hi Jennifer, Longtime reader etc etc and I must thankyou for your always interesting blog. I could find no mention of Emma Marris and her new book ‘The Rambunctious Garden’ on there so I wondered if you were aware of it. I thought it would generate some debate as it has with my group of […]

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How Aborigines Made Australia: Bill Gammage

A new book, The Biggest Estate on Earth, by historian Bill Gammage explodes the myth that pre-settlement Australia was an untamed wilderness revealing the complex, country-wide systems of land management used by Aboriginal people. According to the publisher’s website: “Early Europeans commented again and again that the land looked like a park. With extensive grassy […]

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Aboriginal self-determination: The Whiteman’s dream – Gary Johns

GARY Johns, a former colleague and friend of many years, has just had a book published by Connor Court entitled ‘Aboriginal self-determination: The Whiteman’s dream’.   I haven’t got my copy yet, so can’t provide a review, but no doubt it will be hard hitting.   Gary believes in integration, not self determination, for Australia’s aborigines.  According to Gary: “Aboriginal self-determination […]

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Comment on ‘Solar’ by Ian McEwan

IN his latest novel about climate change, award-winning novelist Ian McEwan[1] apparently took inspiration for his main character, Michael Beard, from the people he encountered at the 2007 Potsdam Nobel Laureate Symposium on climate change.   Not surprising Professor Beard is male and a Nobel Laureate, but interestingly also fat, comic, aging, a liar and scoundrel.   At […]

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Learning Dust Lesson to Fight Wildfires

IT is generally agreed that the worst dust storms since European settlement were during the 1944-1945 period.   In his book Out of the West: A Historical Perspective of the Western Division of NSW, former Western Lands Commissioner, Dick Condon, says there were 34 severe dust storms at Wagga Wagga during the period 1944-45, many so […]

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Risking the Reputation of Science: Garth Paltridge

“Perhaps the most interesting question in all this business is how it can be that the scientific community has become so over-the-top in support of its own propaganda about the seriousness and certainty of upcoming drastic climate change. Scientists after all are supposed to be unbiased in their assessment of a problem and are expected […]

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