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Archive for July, 2012

Your Temperatures Diddled

ALMOST exactly three years ago Michael Hammer showed that the official temperature rise profile for the 20th century in the United States is largely, if not entirely, an artifact of adjustments applied after the raw data is collected from the weather stations [1]. It was a very neat little analysis, first published at this blog. [...]


Beach Stone Curlew at Sandy Straits

Jen, The Beach Stone Curlews (Esacus giganteus) are more common up north but are getting rare at the southern end of their range. It should be the other way round if AGW was real. We travel and camp in these sorts of small boats.   Jim  (Sandy Straits, Queensland)

How Scientific Ideas Become Fashionable (Part 2)

MICHAEL Crichton wrote the Oscar-winning science fiction adventure Jurassic Park. But screen writing was not his first career, he studied medicine at Harvard, and later in life became very concerned about environmentalism and science, and the difficulty of sorting fact from fiction. In a lecture to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in September 2003 [...]

At the Top of Noosa Hill

THIS afternoon I walked up to the top of Noosa Hill, in Noosa National Park. I thought all the koalas had disappeared from the park, but there is at least one still there. And the native Iris, Patersonia sp.glabrata , were flowering. But what is this structure on top of the hill – that I [...]

Why to Avoid Asbestos at All Costs: Faith Franz

LATE last year, Jennifer Marohasy posted an article offering her opinion on why asbestos use has a place in modern society [1]. We recently reached out to her about offering another perspective, and she graciously opened the floor up for us at The Mesothelioma Center to explain our dissenting opinion. As advocates for those who [...]

Metres of Sea-Level Rise: Climate Commissioner

WILL Steffen is the executive director of the Australian National University Climate Change Institute and also a member of the Australian Climate Commission. This is the Climate Commission established to provide all Australians with an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change. This is the same Professor Steffan who, you [...]

How the Oceans Get Warm? (Rephrased)

ACCORDING to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the oceans are warming [1]. But the IPCC does not explain the underlying physical mechanism, the IPCC does not explain from first principles how the oceans warm. In 2000, in a short article for Science and Technology Magazine, a respected oceanographer, the late Robert E. Stevenson [...]

Climate4You Update

Dear Jennifer, Please find below a link which will take you directly to a monthly newsletter (ca. 1.5 MB) with global meteorological information updated to June 2012: All temperatures in this newsletter are shown in degrees Celsius. Previous issues (since March 2009) of this newsletter, diagrams and additional material are available for download on [...]

Facebook, And

I’ve a Facebook account and I’ve started posting information there that is not about the natural environment, but that I think is important.  A reader of this blog, Neville, sent me a link to a podcast of Alan Jones on 2GB talking this morning about Julia Gillard and her involvement with the AWU.   Alan Jones can [...]

How the Oceans Get Warm: Robert E. Stevenson

THERE are only ever a small number of scientists who can explain a phenomenon from first principles and these experts will often speak in jargon that is unintelligible[1]. But every so often one comes across a real expert who appears to not only have a deep understanding of a subject area, but can also write [...]