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More on the ‘Sceptics Conference’ in Washington

Stressing the need for reporters to do a much better job on their fact-checking, Dr Michaels dissected assertions such as that 49 percent of the US is in drought conditions, that California bushfires are a result of global warming, and that warming will cause a decline in crop yields and a 3-foot sea-level rise – he demonstrated […]

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Noah’s Ark Revisited

“An alliance of pro-carbon sceptics and fundamentalists is retarding 11th hour attempts at mitigation of dangerous climate change,” according to Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University.  Dr Glikson’s latest article is entitled ‘Noah’s Ark Revisited’ and decries all the mainstream media attention recently heaped on Ian Plimer from the University of Adelaide and Steve […]

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The Daily Telegraph on Steve Fielding

Steve Fielding, in just one trip to Washington, has discovered what he does not know about global warming … Fielding’s finding is of historic proportion. He has returned with a series of serious questions about the Rudd Government’s agenda that go to the heart of the most important piece of legislation… Read more here.

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