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Kofi Annan’s 315,000 Dead from AGW

IF the case for global warming is so open and shut, why the need for a report as disingenuous as Mr Kofi Annan’s… warning that climate change-induced disasters, such as droughts and floods, kill 315,000 each year and cost $125 billion, numbers it says will rise to 500,000 dead and $340 billion by 2030.  Read […]

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Aerosols Mask Global Warming?

“MOST people are under the impression global warming has risen by about 0.8 degrees C since the dawn of the industrial age. Unfortunately, mean temperatures have risen much further when account is taken of the short-term masking effect of aerosols emitted from coal and oil, mainly sulphur dioxide and its oxidized products… “Thus, according to […]

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Defining the Greens (Part 13)

THE Greens consider themselves morally and intellectually superior. **************** Earlier posts in this series can be found here.   The word ‘Greens’ refers to a group with unique characteristics as one might use the word ‘fishermen’ or ‘Moslem’.

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