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Blog about The Sun

Hi Jennifer, I have recently taken over Carl Smith’s blog at The site was originally set up to discuss Dr. Landscheidt’s work and is a good source of his documents. I am currently expanding the format to include any scientific work related to planetary influence on the Sun. Ian  Wilson has just contacted me […]

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Advice for Climate Conference in Poznan

PROBABLY one of the best ways to cut CO2 emissions dramatically would be to cancel climate Conferences, starting with Poznan.  One has only to look at the skies filled with private jets and the subsequent use of limousines to ferry delegates to these.  Once there, consider the great increase in emissions required to pamper these people […]

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A Double Congratulations to Ross Coulthart and Nick Farrow

INVESTIGATIVE journalist Ross Coulthart and guru producer Nick Farrow have won the Gold Walkley for this year for exposing a doctor’s alleged malpractice in the New South Wales town of Bega. The award is the most prestigious in Australian journalism. They undertook the investigation while working for the Sunday Program, a program recently axed by Channel […]

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Improving Prophecy

Since the dawn of thought, people have been using various methods to foretell the future.   Forecasting is now big business and many large businesses have been made smaller through incorrect forecasts. In Australia we have suffered long enough from bad forecasts.  It is time to do something to improve forecasting standards.  (more…)

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