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Why the ETS will not Succeed: Peter Lang

JUSTIFICATION for Australia’s carbon-pricing scheme assumes there will be a global carbon pricing system with our ETS a part of it. This assumption is probably wrong. It is unlikely a global carbon pricing system will be implemented, let alone sustained for the decades or even centuries that would be required. Without a global carbon-pricing system, [...]


Carbon Credit Market is Neither Free nor Worth Anything: Jo Nova

THERE  is an entire cannon of western philosophical thought, dating back to John Locke and John Stuart Mills, that explains why the prosperity of a nation is not so much linked to its natural wealth, but rather the proper functioning of markets. In On Liberty, perhaps John Stuart Mill’s most famous treatise published in 1859, [...]

Greg Hunt’s Carbon Buy-Back Scheme for Australia

THE Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Greg Hunt MP, was in Brisbane yesterday explaining the Coalition’s plan to tackle climate change post September 14, 2013. You can download the manifesto as presented at the seminar here: The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan, 29 April 2013 (9.8MB) Clearly the Coalition has no intention of showing leadership on this [...]

Remembering Why There Are Carbon Markets

CARBON is the key building block for all life on earth. We are made of it, we eat it and we breathe it. To label carbon dioxide, which is a component of the natural carbon cycle, a pollutant as the US Supreme Court did in 2007, is absurd. So, is the concept of trading carbon [...]

Carbon Taxing Refrigerants But Not Carbon Dioxide?

ON July 1, Australia not only got a carbon tax, but also a tax on refrigerants based on their global warming potential. Refrigerants are used to keep things cool, for example, food in our refrigerators and people in cars and shopping centres. The refrigerants industry is claiming the tax will significantly increase their costs. The [...]

Really Reducing Emissions Would Mean Recession

In Australia we now have a carbon tax, to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. But I bet if there really was an across the board reduction in carbon emissions by industry the government would be complaining. Back in late 2008, when the price of oil plummeted, there was no celebrating the reduced energy usage anticipated [...]

What the Carbon Tax and ETS will Really Cost: Peter Lang

Tomorrow, July 1, Australia gets the carbon tax the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, promised she would never introduce.   The nation’s 500 “biggest polluters” will start paying a $23-a-tonne carbon price. Retired geologist and engineer, Peter Lang, calculates what this tax, and the Emissions Trading Scheme to follow, will really cost Australians: Introduction Popularly called the [...]

Act Locally to Axe the Tax

Dear Supporters, In the next few days we will be launching a poster campaign to coincide with the introduction of the Carbon TAX. The campaign will consist of distributing this poster to shops and business in your local area and asking them to display it prominently in their windows or notice boards. We have [...]

The Long and Costly War on Carbon: Viv Forbes

‘The Australian government claims that next month’s tax on carbon dioxide cannot be blamed for today’s soaring costs of living. This tax, however, is just their latest assault in the decades-long war on carbon that is already inflating the cost of everything. For at least a decade, power companies have been obliged to source 10-15% [...]

Why the Carbon Tax? Peter Lang

Dear Members of Parliament and Senators Why is the government insistent on implementing a CO2 price, given that it will not make any difference to the climate, or to sea levels, and most certainly will not “lead the world by example” (as has been so clearly demonstrated at the Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban conferences)? If [...]