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More on Californian Bushfires

“I moved from San Francisco to the LA area about a month ago so am experiencing the fires from a little closer vicinity. The local news told us that the areas on fire last burnt about 1929! The brush is 20ft high in many places! After a week of burning they finally pulled in the […]

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California Bushfires

Los Angeles: The so-called Station Fire more than doubled in size as it burned out of control for a sixth day, charring 105,000 acres (42,500 hectares), up from 42,000 acres (17,000 hectares) late on Sunday, and sending up towering plumes of smoke that fouled the air for miles (km) around.  Read more here.

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Defining the Greens (Part 16) and Bushfires

IN 1994, Ray Evans bought a cottage at Marysville (Victoria, Australia) which he and his wife subsequently renovated and extended.   The cottage and its extensive garden were destroyed by fire on the night of Saturday February 7 – now known as Black Saturday.    In the following provocative and political article Mr Evans blames the fire “on green […]

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Senate Inquiry into Bushfires

Greetings Everyone, Below is the details and terms of reference for a Senate inquiry into Bushfires in Australia. This should compliment the gaps that will likely be left in the Royal Commission for the chronic state of the environment due to political nest feathering for green preferances. This green lunicy of using the environment as […]

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Wise Men Excluded from Bushfire Royal Commission

WE were all appalled by the death and destruction that was the Victorian bushfires early this year.  On Black Saturday nearly 200 people died.   The number of koalas incinerated probably runs into the thousands, the number of native birds dead in the millions.   A Royal Commission was established with the Victorian Government promising an inclusive process with […]

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