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Retraction of GM-Maize Rat Study Findings

Dear ABCA Subscribers, The journal Food and Chemical Toxicology today announced the retraction of the article Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize by Séralini et al first published online in September 2012. Shortly after the article was originally published, the journal received many letters to the editor expressing [...]


Greenpeace NZ Loses Charity Status

Charity status gives organisations tax benefits. Greenpeace New Zealand lost its charity status last year, and on Monday lost an appeal on the basis of its political activities and the illegal activities of some of its members. According to 3News New Zealand: “Non-violent, but potentially illegal activities (such as trespass), designed to put (in the [...]

Australia to Become ‘Saudi Arabia’ of Biorefining: Media Release

Norwegian Bio-refining specialist, ENEnergy, has announced that it has identified an ideal Australian location for an ethanol bio-refinery which could be producing the equivalent of 7500 barrels of fuel per day within 4 years. The site, located in Western Australia’s West Canning Basin, is just one of many massive areas of land across Australia’s northern [...]

Advertising GM Bread

INTERNATIONAL grains industry leaders are building-up their consideration of the market and trade requirements that will underpin the commercialisation of GM wheat. In parallel to the global R&D program to deliver valued GM wheat varieties – including significant work in Australia – the grains industry’s supply chain-wide assessment process is underway. A key step is the [...]

Who’s Afraid of Genetically Modified Bread?

CANADIAN, US and Australian wheat organisations recently released a joint statement asking for the development and commercialization of higher yielding varieties through biotechnology – through genetic modification.   Clearly wheat farmers are feeling left behind with the statement including the comment:  Lack of private and public investment in wheat research has left wheat development behind the advances [...]

Biotechnology and Food Production in Africa

In a world where almost a billion people went hungry last year—119 million more than in 2007—and with food demand set to double by midcentury, the taboo against GM foods is crumbling.  Read more.

Magazine Duped by anti-GM Activist – A Case of More of the Same

I SUBSCRIBE to a magazine called Quadrant.   It comes out every couple of months and often includes interesting articles by well-known Australian conservatives, libertarians and mavericks on a range of topics from dinning in New York to global warming and it is the only magazine I read that includes pages of poetry.  When I first took [...]

Asians will Eat GM

FYI all,   Thought you might be interested to see this release from a recent survey of Asian consumers on their perception of biotechnology derived foods.   The results are quite positive and provide evidence that Asian consumers in five countries are ready to accept the benefits of these foods. The study was commissioned by the [...]

GM Becomes Election Issue in Western Australia

The growing of genetically modified (GM) food crops is currently illegal in several Australian states including Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter has promised to continue the ban while the opposition Liberal Party says it will allow these crops if it wins the September 6 election. Read more here:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Food Safety

Dear Jennifer, I have been spending a pleasant Saturday morning doing gardening at the GMO Pundit safety paper list. It’s now a bit neater at the start. I’ve added a few more papers to bring it over 200. Most importantly, I’ve added a button at the right sidebar near the top “200 plus GM food [...]