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Sea will save the Murray mouth

THE Murray-Darling Basin is the food bowl of Australia and for years has been considered an ecological disaster. Later this year the government will release a plan that is supposed to place the Murray-Darling on a sustainable environmental footing, and already $10 billion has been set aside for the plan’s implementation. But if the guide […]

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Convoy of no confidence: what I will say

I’ve been asked to speak outside Parliament House tomorrow morning, to the ‘Convoy of No Confidence’.   What an honour.   Following are my speech notes: THERE is nothing more basic to our physical well-being than food, and Australian farmers are amongst the most efficient and responsible food producers in the world.  Yet they are increasingly demonised […]

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Climate4you Update July 2011

THE climate update for July 2011 indicates: “The Northern Hemisphere was characterised by regional variability. Below average temperatures extended across western North America, most of the North Atlantic and Europe, and central Russia. Above average temperatures characterised eastern North America, western Russia and eastern Siberia. The Southern Hemisphere in general was close to average 1998-2006 […]

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