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Japan Attacks Aussie Moralising on Whaling

JAPAN has told the UN’s top court that Australia’s anti-whaling stance is part of a ‘civilising mission and moral crusade’ that is totally out of place in the modern world. That’s according to Sky News, and I couldn’t agree more. The article continues… Tokyo didn’t hold back in its opening submission to the 16 judges […]

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Honest Politician Needed to Champion Removal of Murray Mouth Barrages

For years now I’ve been writing about the barrages, really sea dykes, that block inflows from the Southern Ocean making the vast shallow coastal lagoons at the end of the Murray River completely dependent on Murray River inflows. Without the dykes the sea would push in each autumn and for longer periods during drought.[1] Somewhat […]

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A Note from the Daintree

Hello Jennifer, Tourism in the Daintree Rainforest is continuing to decline, partly because of the relative value of the Australian dollar. Recent upturns in the global economy have been met with a proportionate recovery in other parts of Australia, but the far north seems to have suffered the double whammy of natural disasters which have […]

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Lake Eyre, Still Flooding

For the last three autumns, Lake Eyre in central Australia has received runoff from good flooding rains. These photographs were taken by Rhyl as she flew from Quilpie to Birdsville to Lake Eyre in July 2010. And the flood waters are arriving again this year. Wild flowers as a mass of yellow from the air. […]

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It Never Rains

“POETRY, said Auden, makes nothing happen. Usually it doesn’t, but sometimes a poem gets quoted in a national argument because everybody knows it, or at least part of it, and for the occasion a few lines of familiar poetry suddenly seem the best way of summing up a viewpoint… “Before the floods, proponents of the […]

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Big Bang Rebuttal, Part 1: A Note from Joseph A. Olson

SUPERSTITION has exerted a powerful force on human psyche and history.  Strengthened with a few facts, a superstition becomes accepted reality until new perceptions can reopen debate.  That is an exciting possibility in today’s Nouveau Renaissance.  Humanity’s new course needs a road sign: “Caution, Falling False Paradigms Ahead”. Climategate has shown that even the most well […]

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Another Report into Climategate

Climategate was the scandal that erupted in the lead-up to Copenhagen resulting from the release of over one thousand emails detailing correspondence between leading climate scientists exposing conspiracy and collusion including how to stack review committees, exaggerate warming trends, and avoid the disclosure of sensitive information.  Today in the UK, the House of Commons Select Committee […]

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The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

ONE of the best Christmas presents I received this year is a film by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan entitled ‘The National Parks: America’s Best Idea’ – as twelve episodes contained in a case of five DVDs. So far I’ve watched episodes one to four which begin with John Muir’s campaign to protect Yosemite in the […]

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