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Happy in the New Year

It’s that time of year when there is much wishing one another a “Happy New Year”.  But how does one become “happy”? According to the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus the path to happiness requires just three things: friends, freedom and thought (an analysed life).*   Epicurus is also associated with the early development of the scientific method insisting […]

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Some Nuts Can be hard to Crack

Spare a thought for this scrub turkey unable to open that nut.  I watched the bird struggle with it for quite a while at Alexandra Bay, Noosa National Park, on November 24, 2008.  If only I’d had a parang, I would have opened the nut for the turkey. I try hard with this blog to open […]

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The IPA Review & Articles by Jennifer Marohasy

I have been a senior fellow with the Melbourne-based Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) for more than five years now.   I have written a lot for the magazine,  which used to be published by the IPA quarterly, but now comes out every two months.   A year’s subscription is not that much – just $33 a year. Anyway,  Nichole Hoskin […]

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