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Flowers Can Follow Fire in Forests: David Ward

SOME say that fuel reduction burning harms the bush. Others say it creates and maintains healthy vegetation, and avoids uncontrollable wildfires. Natural science is unlikely to resolve the debate, since both sides can produce refereed papers to support their views. Clearly, not all refereed papers are correct, but it is a mammoth task to track [...]


Open Thread

Until March 2014, Jennifer Marohasy rarely edited comment threads instead asking for tolerance including of offensive comments. At about that time she decided to ‘reclaim’ her blog that was by now dominated by some intent on wrecking any attempt at rational and constructive dialogue, which was not in accordance with the mainstream consensus on climate [...]

Hazard Reduction, Only Proven Bushfire Management Tool

The Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA), the body representing the Voice of Volunteer Rural Firefighters in New South Wales, refutes the claim by green alarmists that climate change is the cause of the recent bushfires in New South Wales. “It’s ridiculous to blame climate change when we know there has been far worse bushfires stretching back [...]

Colourless and Odourless Carbon Dioxide

Expensive Water Still in Dams: Barnaby Joyce

Media Release 850 billion litres of water purchased through Federal Government buybacks has not been used according to an Australian Audit Office report, Commonwealth Environmental Watering Activities, released today. This is despite the Federal Government not expecting to acquire even half the Murray Darling Basin water it has deemed necessary for environmental watering purposes. The [...]

Open Thread

“NO one can deny that aspects of the environment are predictable. Day follows night, summer follows winter, most of us sleep when it’s dark, eat at midday and watch the 6.00pm news. Random events are for the most part whimsically quaint, as when the phone rings and it turns out to be the person you [...]

Why to Avoid Asbestos at All Costs: Faith Franz

LATE last year, Jennifer Marohasy posted an article offering her opinion on why asbestos use has a place in modern society [1]. We recently reached out to her about offering another perspective, and she graciously opened the floor up for us at The Mesothelioma Center to explain our dissenting opinion. As advocates for those who [...]

More Politics from Ross Garnaut: A Note from Des Moore

LAST November Ross Garnaut was commissioned, for an unknown fee, to produce an Update of the Review of climate change he completed in 2008. Garnaut is an economist who describes himself as an independent expert but he acts like a believer in a greater role for government and has worked closely with Labor governments. As one [...]

Save Lake Eucumbene’s Frogs

ANGLERS fishing Lake Eucumbene in late October 2010 were pleased to see that the rising waters of the lake had created perfect spawning conditions for the frogs.  Frogs were in abundance and their future was assured through this massive spawning event, or so we thought. By early November the water in the lake ceased rising [...]

City Deal That Led to Water Waste: Ross Tyson

“AN ARCHAIC agreement hatched in the air-conditioned suites of a Sydney office block has exposed the kind of chronic mismanagement at government level that is driving local farmers to the point of despair. “The revelation this week that Snowy Hydro is sending millions of litres of water downstream every day into overflowing dams and flood-affected [...]