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Michael Baxter Wins for GM Technology

THE Luddites, including Greenpeace, Scott Kinnear and Margaret Fulton, have campaigned relentlessly against the introduction of genetically modified canola. Their misleading propaganda successfully saw moratoriums introduced in many states. More recently Mr Kinnear has raised $750,000 to help Steve Marsh sue his neighbour, Michael Baxter, for planting GM canola. In what is considered a landmark […]

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Corrupting Australia’s Temperature Record

WHILE the average Australian, being sentimental and having a nationalistic streak, would like to believe their Bureau of Meteorology is honestly recording and reporting temperatures, in reality the science managers are corrupting the official record. Following is another example, another story, to add to the litany as detailed in my unanswered letter to Minister Hunt […]

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Lunar Modulation of Weather and Climate: Piers Corbyn

Long-range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn explains that in order to predict world temperature we need to better understand solar activity, magnetic connections and lunar modulation of the same. Interestingly, towards the end of this presentation Mr Corbyn, who has a first-class honours degree in physics from Imperial College, London, states that it was as hot […]

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Antarctic Wind Change: What has Really Caused It?

A farmer near Orange in New South Wales emailed me last month lamenting the lack of interest shown by the national media in SAM – the Southern Annular Mode. He explained that SAM was a key driver of rainfall over southern Australia and changes in the extent of Antarctic sea ice. Rather than report on […]

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Megan Clarke

CSIRO Has Lost Its Way, and Soon Its Funding

INNOVATION is critical to staying competitive. Government-funded science and technology have played an important role in the past, but key institutions like the CSIRO have increasingly lost their way. Indeed the CSIRO, probably more than any other organisation, deserve the big funding cut that I hope is coming their way in the May Budget. Australian […]

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