Archive | March 3, 2009

Radical New Hypothesis on the Effect of Greenhouse Gases

CLIMATE is complex but in an attempt to understand the effects of increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide on global temperatures simplified General Circulation Models (GCMs) have been developed and are used by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).      Al Gore, in his famous movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, explained that as the concentration […]

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Unethical Forest Protestors in Tasmania: A Note from Alan Ashbarry

IN a rare display of sympathy and understanding for forest contractors, ABC journalist Tom Tilley has put the hard word on protestors in the Upper Florentine Valley, accusing them of perhaps even being “unethical”.   You can play the interview at the ABC Triple J website  while watching a slide show. [1]    The issue is ongoing conflict at a blockade […]

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HundredsThousands Protest Global Warming

IT was predicted to be the largest demonstration yet against coal and climate change, 10,000 activists to descend on a coal-fired power plant in Washington DC. According to the Capitol Climate Action website, they are there now, as I write, “courageous activists have occupied three of five gates at the Capitol Power Plant. The march of […]

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