Rainforest Cancer Cure One Step Closer

Dr Paul Reddell, co-founder Dr Victoria Gordon and the EcoBiotics team, have discovered a rainforest plant that produces a possible cancer-fighting molecule.

Clinical trials of a previously untreatable type of cancer in horses have produced dramatic results: “The cancers were the size of a tennis ball to begin and following the injection of this drug have shrunk, died and then fallen out. Finally the skin around the tumour area has healed.”

As originally reported in the Cairns Post, Dr. Reddell said, “We are now looking to move the drug to testing against obstructive tumours and skin cancers in humans.”

Bio-discovery is emerging as an increasingly important and value-added attribute of bio-diversity, with important economic implications for conservation. In 2004, following the Commonwealth Government’s ratification of the ‘Convention on Biological Diversity’, the Queensland Government enacted its Bio-discovery Act, to facilitate access by biodiscovery entities to minimal quantities of native biological resources on or in State land or Queensland waters, to encourage the development, in the State, of value added biodiscovery and to ensure the State, for the benefit of all persons in the State, obtains a fair and equitable share in the benefits of biodiscovery..

2 Responses to Rainforest Cancer Cure One Step Closer

  1. Janama July 15, 2008 at 12:02 pm #

    there is a plant extract from Mexico called Cansema


    a friend put some on a spot on her face under her eye where she supected she had a melanoma and soon her whole nose turned black – yet within days it had all dried out and peeled off leaving clear unmarked skin behind. She then tried it on her ear with similar results.

  2. Schiller Thurkettle July 16, 2008 at 11:53 am #

    This is terrible news.

    With the Convention on Biodiversity, using this discovery will require legions of lawyers combing the rainforest in the hope of identifying indigenous tribes who notionally “own” this substance, and then launching and defending the resulting lawsuits between the indigenous tribes and their lawful/illegitimate governments.

    By the time a fund has been set up for whoever to receive whatever proceeds from what may or may not be an effective pharmaceutical, the world will have spent tens of million$ on printer’s ink and lawyers, the gang-greens will have made tens of million$ in contributions to combat “greedy multinationals”.

    If the drug works, demands will be made to confiscate the proceeds of providing it.

    In the end, those least worthy will profit the most, at the cost of the needy.

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