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February 2006
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Archive for February, 2006

Al Gore, and Another Air Conditioner in the Wall

“How can anyone living through today’s bizarre and mutable weather not be concerned about global warming?” wrote David Kirkpatrick in a recent issue of CNN Money. Kirkpatrick then goes on to tell us that he heard the best speech from former US Vice President Al Gore about unprecedented change in the earth’s climate seriously aggravated [...]


Leatherback Turtles Facing Extinction

Marine ecologist Larry Crowder from Duke University in the US is reported at BBC News Online claiming that leatherback turtles face extinction within 30 years if there are not dramatic changes to fishing practices. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species there has been a 70 [...]

More Tall Tales from Jared Diamond

I would like to think that Australia’s national broadcaster would take-to-task an American who writes a best selling book that is full of factual errors that denigrate Australia. But instead our ABC just keeps giving him more time on radio to tell his tall tales. Professor Jared Diamond got a great run on ABC radio [...]

Paying for No Water

There is nothing straight forward or logical about how water is allocated for irrigation in Australia. And every scheme and catchment has its own historical idiosyncrasies. I am always amazed when I read that irrigators are paying for water they aren’t getting when there is a drought. Payment for a percentage of an allocation even [...]

On Boxer and Blogging

I’ve observed that comment threads following blog posts can be a bit like forests. When just a few people post lots of comments, they tend to crowd out others, and you end up with a less diverse thread. There is an old fellow who comments every so often at this blog. He tends to make [...]

Advertising Our Environment

There has been some debate about whether the new advertisement for Australia as a tourism destination is offensive or not. You can view the advertisement by clicking here. Is it OK for the young woman/the sheila to use the words ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ Once upon a time there would have been more [...]

How Much Forest Should Be Saved?

Tasmanians will go to the polls on 18th March. Of course with an election in Australia or Tasmania comes the usual bagging of the forest industry and timber company Gunns Ltd. This time a proposed pulp mill is developing as the point of contention, but really it is all about the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of [...]

Environmental Priorities Wrong & Reef Not at Risk: Peter Ridd

Dr Peter Ridd from James Cook University gave a lecture in Townsville yesterday and it was reported in The Age. Not bad given that he wasn’t pushing a doom and gloom message and doesn’t believe the reef is at risk from global warming. He’s some of what The Age reported: Risks to the Great Barrier [...]

More Intense Tropical Cyclones: Likely Impact of Global Warming

Meterologists from around the world gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, this week. At the World Meterological Conference a report was tabled summarizing information on the impact of global warming on cyclones including hurricanes and typhoons.* Titled Statement on Tropic Cyclones and Climate Change, two of the nine authors are from the Australian Bureau of [...]

How Many Cricket Pitches Burnt?

Jim Hoggett milks goats at his farm west of Gloucester in northern eastern NSW, he is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, and he had the feature letter in last week’s The Land (16th February). It read: Last weekend we had the routine “alleged illegal land clearing” scare in the Sydney [...]