Archive | February 3, 2006

Salt Threat Grossly Exaggerated (Part 2)

The consensus from Australian scientists in positions of authority on the issue of ‘river salinity’ and the ‘spread of dryland salinity’ appears to be crumbling. As Mick Keogh wrote yesterday in The Australian Financial Review with respect to the issue of dryland salinity: “Increasingly, researchers are concluding that many of the assumptions and much of […]

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Salt Threat Grossly Exaggerated (Part 1)

Mick Keogh from The Australian Farm Institute had a piece published in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review titled ‘Getting a balanced perspective on salinity’. It reiterated what some scientists have been saying since late last year, that they got it wrong with their salt predictions. Keogh wrote: Conduct an internet search using the terms “salinity” and […]

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