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Does the King Have No Clothes or ‘The Wrong Trousers?’

Just in case no-one noticed, the IPCC finally dropped the façade of being a scientific rather than a political body following the publication of the Synthesis Report. The IPCC now stands naked behind the Kyoto Protocol as the policy needed to avoid a computer modelled CO2 driven climate catastrophe. Meanwhile, the report seems to have […]

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Australian News Round Up from Luke Walker

Few MPs would have worked harder to defend their seats at this election than Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull, whose blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth is under siege not just from Labor but a range of environmental activists, mostly coalescing around the Greens. But in the second week of the campaign, Mr Turnbull found the […]

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Fantastic phasmids

Macleay’s Spectre Extatosoma tiaratum would have to be one of the most spectacular insects in the Daintree rainforest. Males readily fly in search of mates, but much larger females are incapable of flight. First instar nymphs resemble ants. Phasmids are well represented in the Wet Tropics with some of the largest insects in the world. […]

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Cool Round Up from Marc Morano

New UN Warming Summary Met by Snow & Record Cold – Sampling of Articles in past few days New Zealand Vinyards Failing Due to “Record Cold” Excerpt: The winery made a rights issue announcement on Tuesday in an underwritten bid to raise about $1.5 million for working capital after the record cold in December severely […]

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