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‘Steve Irwin’ Attacks Japanese Whalers

LAST night in The Southern Ocean, anti-whaling campaigners aboard The Steve Irwin rammed the Kaiko Maru from the starboard rear side. According to the Japanese whalers: The incident occurred when the Kaiko Maru was undertaking a detour in the ice pack area after completing the day’s research activities. The weather had deteriorated and fog had […]

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Pilot Whale Stranding

At least 150 whales have died in a mass stranding off Tasmania’s west coast, Australian authorities said on Sunday, despite the efforts of rescuers who managed to shepherd a small number back to the ocean. Read more here.

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Inuit to Cull 200 Stranded Whales

LAST Sunday Inuit from Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic, discovered about 200 whales trapped in ice near Pond Inlet.  In the Arctic open water is starting to freeze-over with the onset of winter.  Yesterday the Inuit started culling the whales, known as Narwhal, apparently on the advice of their elders and in the belief that otherwise […]

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Bowhead Whale Could Slow US Plan for OffShore Oil Drilling

Tomorrow the residents of Barrow, Alaska, a town on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, will vote for a new mayor.    According to at least one report whoever wins will potentially impact the ability of the US to fast track its plans for energy independence through offshore oil drilling. While both the current mayor, Edward Itta, and […]

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The Moratorium on Whaling as a Reflection of the “Muddled Cosmological Beliefs” of the West

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was established in 1948 at the initiative of the United States to establish a new world order in whaling.   Initially 15 governments were party to the IWC with Japan at the time under occupation and without the right to join.      The Commission’s objectives included safeguarding the great natural resources represented […]

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International Whaling Commission Faces Revolt from North Atlantic

  The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is facing a revolt.   The whaling nations of the North Atlantic, in defiance of the IWC, recently approved a quota of 10 humpback whales for Greenland.   The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO), established in 1992 to provide international competence on conservation and management of whale and seal […]

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