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When Revegetation is Not Revegetation

During the recent drought, when the waters of Lake Alexandrina receded, rye grass was sown on the dry lake bed in front of Trevor Harden’s home to stop the soil blowing away. Mr Harden would have preferred the barrages to have been opened, and the lake allowed to reconnect with the sea. When I first [...]


Parliament to Finally Admit Water Act Unbalanced?

On the pages of The Australian Financial Review on November 16, 2010, Sydney barrister Jospehine Kelly wrote that: “No one in federal Parliament is being honest with the people of the Murray-Darling basin and the Australian pubilc.  The Water Act puts the environment first when allocating water to the basin.  “Social and economic considerations are not [...]

The Value of Water to the Queensland Government: A Note from Tony

IN all the controversy over management of dams in South East Queensland, it is worth considering the value of the resource to the nominal owners, the Queensland Government, who sell that water to consumers. With the aid of the Wivenhoe dam capacity diagrams, it is possible to determine that during the recent major drought, Wivenhoe went [...]

Snowy Hydro tops up floods with environmental flow

WHILE residents of Wagga Wagga scrambled to save their belongings from rising flood waters there was a rumour circulating that the crisis was exacerbated by bureaucratic incompetence, in particular that Snowy Hydro was releasing environmental flow water into the already flooded Murrumbidgee River.  I was angry at even the concept. It was inconceivable. I phoned [...]

Can’t Do as Government Says: MDB Chief Quits

“MURRAY Darling Basin Authority Chairman Mike Taylor has announced his sudden intention to step down from the chairman’s role at the end of January.  “It is understood Mr Taylor had a difference of opinion with the Federal Government over interpretation of the Water Act and its ability to properly consider the social and economic impacts [...]

From Rod Kerkhoven in South Australia

I saw this one man from Adelaide University at Milang and I asked him about these barrages and he said that if they let the sea in the caravan park would have been flooded. He mentioned something about the Surveyor General’s Office telling the Premier that hundreds of acres of land would be inundated if [...]

New CSIRO Climate Forecast for SE Australia Unbelievable

On Thursday the New South Wales Government officially declared the nine-year drought ended.  The very next day the CSIRO released a report warning that the ‘current drought’ appears to be at least partly linked to ‘climate change’.  The CSIRO report entitled ‘Climate variability and change in south-eastern Australia’ is an initiative of the South Eastern [...]

‘Miracles, Media and the Murray’ on ABC TV

Backstage at the ABC Television studios on Monday night, after the Q&A program where I appeared as a panellist, the compere, Tony Jones, complained to Tim Flannery that he didn’t adequately refute my answers to the climate change questions.    Of course, Tony could always invite me onto his Lateline program where he could ‘grill’ me himself.   For [...]

Man Bites Murdoch

Former News Limited Editor, Bruce Gutherie, will be a panellist on ABC TV’s Q&A on Monday evening.   In his new book ‘Man Bites Murdoch’ Mr Gutherie alleges a problem within the culture of News Ltd..  There is a problem not only within News Ltd but more generally within the mainstream media in Australia; too many journalists [...]

Water Plan will decimate Murrumbidgee frogs

RICE growers along the Murrumbidgee River are likely to be among the hardest hit if the federal government proceeds with its new water sharing plan. If the region loses 45 per cent of its current allocation as proposed by the Murray Darling Basin Authority, an unintended consequence will be a dramatic decline in the populations of [...]