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Metres of Sea-Level Rise: Climate Commissioner

WILL Steffen is the executive director of the Australian National University Climate Change Institute and also a member of the Australian Climate Commission. This is the Climate Commission established to provide all Australians with an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change. This is the same Professor Steffan who, you […]

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How the Oceans Get Warm? (Rephrased)

ACCORDING to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the oceans are warming [1]. But the IPCC does not explain the underlying physical mechanism, the IPCC does not explain from first principles how the oceans warm. In 2000, in a short article for Science and Technology Magazine, a respected oceanographer, the late Robert E. Stevenson […]

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Climate4You Update

Dear Jennifer, Please find below a link which will take you directly to a monthly newsletter (ca. 1.5 MB) with global meteorological information updated to June 2012: http://www.climate4you.com/Text/Climate4you_June_2012.pdf All temperatures in this newsletter are shown in degrees Celsius. Previous issues (since March 2009) of this newsletter, diagrams and additional material are available for download on […]

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How the Oceans Get Warm: Robert E. Stevenson

THERE are only ever a small number of scientists who can explain a phenomenon from first principles and these experts will often speak in jargon that is unintelligible[1]. But every so often one comes across a real expert who appears to not only have a deep understanding of a subject area, but can also write […]

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