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Environmental Flows in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area: Debbie Buller

Following is a note and link to photographs from a Murrumbidgee farmer with a rice crop that is withstanding the deluge, but she can’t say the same for the orchards and vineyards that many misguided folk in Sydney would prefer to see growing in our land of drought or flooding rains… Hi Jen, Here are [...]


More Flooding

Large areas of Queensland and New South Wales are flooding again. In New South Wales: Flood Warning – Clarence River, Flood Warning – Bellinger River, Flood Warning – Hastings River, Flood Warning – Manning River, Flood Warning – Orara River, Flood Warning – MacIntyre River, Flood Warning – Gwydir River, Flood Warning – Peel-Namoi Rivers, [...]

Lake Eyre, Still Flooding

For the last three autumns, Lake Eyre in central Australia has received runoff from good flooding rains. These photographs were taken by Rhyl as she flew from Quilpie to Birdsville to Lake Eyre in July 2010. And the flood waters are arriving again this year. Wild flowers as a mass of yellow from the air. [...]

Black Water Kills Tens of Thousands of Murray Cod

Yesterday, Wakool farmer John Lolicato told me about recent fish kills in the southern Riverina.   Click here to listen to our conversation: WS450079    The fish kills were caused by black water with tens of thousands of Murray Cod dying over the last four years.   The enormous (1.4 metre long) Murray Cod being held up by two farmers is just one of [...]

A Land of Drought or Flooding Rains

EASTER Sunday in 1915 the community of Murrabit in the Central Murray Valley gathered for a picnic at a farm called Riversdale.   It had been so dry that the Murray River had run dry.   A photograph was taken of the buggies in the dry river bed.  Today, March 9, 2011, I visited Riversdale and took a photograph [...]

It Never Rains

“POETRY, said Auden, makes nothing happen. Usually it doesn’t, but sometimes a poem gets quoted in a national argument because everybody knows it, or at least part of it, and for the occasion a few lines of familiar poetry suddenly seem the best way of summing up a viewpoint… “Before the floods, proponents of the [...]

Really Big One Heading for Cairns

It has us all nervous.    “More than 30,000 Queenslanders are being relocated in a desperate bid to protect them from the fury of Cyclone Yasi, as authorities brace for a massive assault on the state.”  I’m out of harms way – south of Yeppoon.

More Rain

Residents of my community on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland are being warned of two cyclones: Anthony may hit the coast to our north on Monday morning and a second forming near Fiji is scheduled for later in the week.  The wind has been blowing strongly for two days.  This morning there was a run [...]

The Value of Water to the Queensland Government: A Note from Tony

IN all the controversy over management of dams in South East Queensland, it is worth considering the value of the resource to the nominal owners, the Queensland Government, who sell that water to consumers. With the aid of the Wivenhoe dam capacity diagrams, it is possible to determine that during the recent major drought, Wivenhoe went [...]

Looking for AGW in a Sea of Natural Variability: Drought to Flood (Part 1): A Note from Luke Walker

After the Queensland floods, Stewart Franks’ research on the interaction of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO) driving cycles of drought and flood in Australia has been advanced as the rebuttal to the proposition by some politicians and scientists that anthropogenic climate change has had a role in recent events. And [...]