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Top Green Story of 2008

WHAT was the most significant event of 2008 from an environmental perspective?  According to website grist.org it was the election of Barack Obama to President of the US.  The story by Katharine Wroth and David Roberts lists the top 10 “green stories of 2008” with “Obamania” as number 1 on the basis:  “[Obama] has already assembled […]

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US Elections

Democrat Barack Obama is the new President of the United States.   In his acceptance speech he promised to be a President for all Americans.    He made only one oblique reference to climate change speaking of our earth in peril. Oklahoma Senator and Republican Jim Inhofe, the only outspoken climate change sceptic in Washington, won a […]

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Kingmakers: Greens Win Balance of Power in ACT

Following an election last weekend in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the major parties will have to negotiate with the Greens as they now hold the balance of power. The result is a huge win for the Greens; a party that continues to grow in power in Australia.  Read more here.

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Climate Realist Elected Mayor of London

The UK Conservative Party’s Boris Johnson, climate realist and member of Benny Peiser’s scholarly electronic network CCNet, has been elected Mayor of London, defeating ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone. There are a hundred reasons why Boris Johnson should not be Mayor of London. But his dinosaur views on the environment alone are enough to show what a […]

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Development & the Environment – Cairns Regional Council Elections

Politics and environment, within the recent Cairns Regional Council ‘amalgamation’ election, reveal some interesting dynamics. In the former North Queensland Shire of Douglas, amalgamation was overwhelmingly unpopular. Sentiment variously denounced the state government dictate as a death-knell for both the World Heritage rainforests of the Daintree and also the prestigious charm of Port Douglas. In […]

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