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Real Food Shortage Will Require Real Science and Technology?

The British government is preparing to open the way for genetically modified crops on the grounds they could help combat the global food crisis. At least that’s according to Andrew Grice, Policitical Editor with The Independent, reporting on a meeting between Britian’s Environment minister, Phil Woolas, and the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, amidst claims that “rocketing […]

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This Year Critical for Australian Agriculture, So Greenpeace Sponsors Tour by Anti-GM Campaigner

Greenpeace have been running a campaign against the planting of new crop varieties in Australia since about 2001 as part of their global campaign against genetically modified (GM) food. The Australian campaign has been phenomenally successful with bans to prevent the planting of GM canola introduced in 2004 by most state governments. The bans are […]

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Bans Lifted on GM Food Crops

Jen, NSW and Victoria have just lifted the ban on genetically modified (GM) crops! It wont take them long to see the benifits either… won’t take long before South Australia and Western Australia freak out because the yeilds back in the eastern states blow them away! It’s about time Aussies embraced farming of the future. […]

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The Japanese and the Democrats want Australia GM Free

A delegation of Japanese anti-GM activists recently visited Australia demanding our farmers not grow genetically modified canola and then the Australian Democrats declared “keeping Australia GMO free” a federal election issue. Today the Australian Oilseeds Federation has responded with a media release: “The Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) urges recognition of the Australian grains industry’s capacity […]

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Monsanto Files Suit Against GM Activists

The French unit of US Biotech giant Monsanto has filed a lawsuit following the latest destruction of some of its test fields for genetically-modified maize. In a statement issued on Friday, Monsanto said that unidentified activists had ransacked three test fields in Valdivienne in central France after dark on Thursday. Read more here: http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/44924/story.htm

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