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Two bush turkey (Alectura lathami) chicks hatched from the pile of mulch in my back garden recently. I took this photograph yesterday in the back garden in Noosa.

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A Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo and Two Messages for Australian Readers

THIS beautiful bird, a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, has been sitting in a tree outside my study perhaps wondering when I am going to refill the bird-feeder with some bird seed.   The few times I have walked outside this afternoon the bird has squarked, perhaps asking me to “fill it!” Meanwhile I have been posting a couple of messages at the […]

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An Old Queen Parrot

Since moving to the Blue Mountains late last year I’ve made some new friends including a King Parrot and a Magpie.   The young male King Parrot sits on my back landing and looks through the glass door into my study when the bird-feeder is empty.  Maggie, the Magpie, perches on a window sill and looks into the kitchen when she is hungry and notices I am feeding […]

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Injured Cassowary

About two months ago, this magnificent adult female cassowary (above) traversed alongside our house with a dreadful limp. At the time, cassowaries had been fighting, so I assumed this one had suffered an injury in such conflict. However, the big bird was not seen again for about two months and this was remarkable for this […]

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Whale Birds – A Note from Ann Novek

Whale birds are a group of birds called this because, 1) They used to follow whaling ships and feed on the blubber and floating oil. (Any of several species of large Antarctic petrels). 2) Prions are a small group of Petrels which once were known as whale birds, because they feed on the same plankton […]

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