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Open Thread, & Happy New Year


When Is the Right Time to Abandon Ship?

IN September, Patrick J. Michaels likened the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to a treed cat. He wrote, “Instead of closing its eyes and scurrying to the ground, it climbs onto even higher and thinner branches, while yowling ever louder.” Dr Michaels then went on to ask, how does the IPCC back down from a [...]

Your Temperatures Diddled

ALMOST exactly three years ago Michael Hammer showed that the official temperature rise profile for the 20th century in the United States is largely, if not entirely, an artifact of adjustments applied after the raw data is collected from the weather stations [1]. It was a very neat little analysis, first published at this blog. [...]

After Gina Rhinehart Buys Fairfax

‘The hilarious implication – and secret terror of every Melbourne hipster – is that Rinehart will turn Fairfax into some kind of 24-hour Mining Channel, with endless re-runs of Red Dog and Wake in Fright, interspersed with ads for blue singlets. You won’t be able to so much as pick up a copy of the Age without finding your hands [...]

Qatar Outbids US and Australia for Soccer Matches

The oil rich Gulf state of Qatar has out bided Australia, and even the US, for the FIFA Soccer World Cup.  According to The Australian: “The Gulf state’s climate that will be so hot during the World Cup that the organisers admit they will need to build massive air-conditioning systems for entire stadiums, training facilities and [...]

Idle thoughts of a wet afternoon

From Rod Kerkhoven in South Australia

I saw this one man from Adelaide University at Milang and I asked him about these barrages and he said that if they let the sea in the caravan park would have been flooded. He mentioned something about the Surveyor General’s Office telling the Premier that hundreds of acres of land would be inundated if [...]

Canberra and Laputa: A Note from William York

HOW did he do it? Dean Jonathon Swift writing Gulliver’s Travels in 1726 made a long range forecast of such incredible accuracy that it would be the envy of any climate modeler. In this forecast you glimpse Kevin Rudd, the ANU, the academies and many practical men who may bring doom and destruction to Australia. [...]

Noah’s Ark Revisited (Part 2)

More on NoAl from Blunt at Knutz here.

Not Real Climate

  “REALCLIMATE is a commentary site (blog) on climatology by a group of climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. It aims to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is intended to be restricted to scientific topics and to avoid political or [...]