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Peter Ridd and Jennifer Marohasy speaking about the need for quality assurance in science last November in Sydney.

Peter Ridd Asks for your Help – Now

PROFESSOR Peter Ridd is a physicist at James Cook University who has dared to question scientific findings that purport to show the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. Specifically, he has been formally censured by the University and told to remain quiet about the matter – or risk his job. The issue dates back to […]

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I've been travelling, and reading my Kindle, including a great book by Christopher Booker.

The Minority is Always Right

THANK YOU to everyone who heard Maria Pita and sent a letter off to their favorite politician or editor, or made comment in the long thread online at The Australian, highlighting the many inadequacies in the recent report by the Technical Advisory Forum into the homogenization of historical temperature data by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. […]

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Maria Pita was a Galician heroine who rallied the ordinary citizens of Corunna in 1589.

Remember Rutherglen, & “Whoever has Honor Follow Me!”

The results of an independent ­review of the Bureau of Mete­or­ology’s national temperature records should “ring alarm bells” for those who had believed the bureau’s methods were transparent, says a key critic, Jennifer ­Marohasy.  So, begins an article by Graham Lloyd in The Weekend Australian. Lloyd goes on to write: Dr Marohasy said the review […]

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John Abbot thinking at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club.

Open Thread

IF there is someone you know who may be interested in doing a masters or PhD in weather and/or climate forecasting, applications are still open. They need to be interested in numbers and ideas, be a science and/or engineering graduate, resident and/or citizen of Australia and/or New Zealand and want to live and study on […]

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John and Caroline in Noosa National Park.

Don’t Retire: Start a PhD in Paradise

BEFORE the 20th Century there was no age for retirement. There existed a leisured class who through birth or industry could choose what work they did – if and when. But, even they didn’t retire. Retirement, like unemployment, can potentially reduce you to discussion of people, events, and lost opportunities, when great minds discuss ideas. […]

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Menstrual Sanitation – An Environmental Issue

“LIKE many other Western countries, my home country of Australia is reluctant to support development in all its forms,” writes Caroline Marohasy in an article just published by New Internationalist. In the article, entitled “Menstrual sanitation is not just a ‘lady issue’”, Caroline explains that… “WE liberally support causes like AIDS or infant mortality prevention, […]

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Facebook, And

I’ve a Facebook account and I’ve started posting information there that is not about the natural environment, but that I think is important.  A reader of this blog, Neville, sent me a link to a podcast of Alan Jones on 2GB talking this morning about Julia Gillard and her involvement with the AWU.   Alan Jones can […]

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Act Locally to Axe the Tax

Dear Supporters, In the next few days we will be launching a poster campaign to coincide with the introduction of the Carbon TAX. The campaign will consist of distributing this poster to shops and business in your local area and asking them to display it prominently in their windows or notice boards. We have […]

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After Gina Rhinehart Buys Fairfax

‘The hilarious implication – and secret terror of every Melbourne hipster – is that Rinehart will turn Fairfax into some kind of 24-hour Mining Channel, with endless re-runs of Red Dog and Wake in Fright, interspersed with ads for blue singlets. You won’t be able to so much as pick up a copy of the Age without finding your hands […]

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Away with Rio+20: The Voice of the Peasant

‘GOVERNMENTS from all over the world will meet in Río de Janeiro, Brasil from June 20-22 2012, to supposedly commemorate 20 years since the “Earth Summit”, the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, that established for the first time a global agenda for “sustainable development”. During this summit, in 1992, three international conventions […]

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