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Annual rainfall totals for the Murray Darling Basin.  There is no evidence of general decline in rainfall, and it is noteworthy the highest annual rainfall ever recorded was in the last decade - in 2010.

Complaint Lodged Against Four Corners’ Weather Alert

JO NOVA began a recent blog post” After years of telling skeptics that you don’t ask a plumber to do heart surgery, the ABC “Weather Alert! last Monday was 90% plumbers. The formerly iconic FourCorners “public affairs” show crafted a 43 minute advertisement for the Renewables Industry and Carbon Trading Bankers and the Green Blob. […]

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Sarah Ferguson introducing Michael Brissenden on Monday night's ABC Four Corner's program that ostensibly reported on climate change.  Four Corner's is a publicly funded news program, that claims to be investigative.  On Monday night it could be best described as climate porn, or climate propaganda with critical information withheld - perhaps through ignorance.

Sarah Ferguson and Michael Brissenden Withhold Important Information from the Australian Public Concerning Climate Change

Australian politicians, and the media they sponsor, have been throwing their hands in the air and screaming unprecedented climate change – particularly over the last two weeks. A focus has been on the record number of new record hot days. But in all of this, there is no mention that the method used to actually […]

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This is a screenshot, incredibly in Australia in 2018, it is fine to advocate on the internet the death of  those who hold a different perspective on climate change.  Indeed, I can't see anywhere the words 'comedy' or 'satire'.

‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – Now Showing at a Sydney Theatre

JUST two generations back, in the 1960s, mainstream Australian society shunned both unmarried pregnant women and also homosexuals. They were loathed, and it would have been considered reasonable for the local police to turn-a-blind eye should misfortune befall members of either group – should they be killed. In my opinion, human-beings are not naturally hateful, […]

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