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Figure 1.  These time series  lines are derived from data also published in Chapter 5, of the book 'Evidence-based Climate Science'.  They show that rural locations, cities and lighthouses have somewhat different temperature trends.  Even the most pronounced warming, evident from Hobart and Melbourne, is within what could be considered natural - though the trends show here are likely to be artificially exaggerated by the method of measuring temperature since 1996 (electronic probes) and the urban heat island (UHI) effect.

Wine and Climate Change in Australia – Journalist Michael Brissenden Just Makes Stuff-Up

MICHAEL Brissenden, considered one of Australia’s most experienced journalists, failed on so many counts with the Four Corners documentary ‘Weather Alert’. He suggested that wine grower’s Brown Brothers are relocating at least part of their business to Tasmania because it is too hot in Victoria, which is untrue. He also failed to explain to the […]

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