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Gone Fishing

I am going to take some time out from this blog to try and complete a couple of projects that I’ve started, but am having trouble finishing. So there may be no new posts here for a while.

In the meantime you can subscribe for my irregular email updates here:

And check the ‘Community Home’ page for updates from other readers with their nature photographs and more here:

And here’s a picture I took of a fisher, a darter cormorant, in Kakadu National Park a few years ago.

Interestingly according to one account of life in the Lower Murray in South Australia one hundred years ago there was a bounty on cormorants (that are closely related to darters), with 34,000 taken in one year ostensibly because they ate too many fish [1].

[1] Travels in Australasia, by Wandandian see page 301

26th July 1909 at Caurnamont, near Mannum

‘Birds were very scarce, though we saw one fine old spoonbill wading round the swamp and swinging his head from side to side in the peculiar fashion these birds have while feeding.

On the latter day, while out shooting, I picked up a freshly decapitated turtle of the kind called by the natives “emys,” and on meeting a fisherman enquired of him whether he had caught many, and why it was without a head.

He replied that the turtles were so destructive of fish spawn, that a scalp fee of one penny was paid on the head of each by the Government, and that he caught a good many from time to time.

On further enquiry, I found that in the past year the South Australian Government had paid over £600 in scalping fees to various people for 116,000 turtles and 34,000 cormorants, thus satisfactorily explaining why the cormorants are so shy, and look upon every man with suspicion; for when one contemplates what a hunting they must have in the course of the year to furnish such an enormous “bag,” it would be decidedly strange if they were at all otherwise. In spite of all this I saw hundreds of them on the Murray and lake waters, so that I am sure many must pour in from outside to take the place of those that are shot, and should this be the case it will be many years before their numbers are at all reduced, or the Government get anything like the full value for their money, or even justify its expenditure.’

[Back then Murray cod were plentiful despite the turtles and the cormorant though now there are no Murray cod in that stretch of river below Lock 1.]


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  1. Comment from: Neville

    Gav just thought I’d remind you what the graph for Antarctic sea ice looks like. It’s the highest for the satellite record.

  2. Comment from: Neville

    Ya gotta laugh at Gore and his reality drop video. What a joke and more strength to the WUWT bloggers. Please watch and help Gore. NOT.

  3. Comment from: Robert

    It’s funny how we’re supposed to overlook enormities and fuss over any factoid that fits the alarmist script. Sea Level Rise is a 19th century phenomenon which has extended into recent times. That’s clear from the very graphs that warmists wave in our faces. Yet we’re expected to ignore the 19th century! Just as we’re expected only to notice “extreme weather” when it’s close to the present. (Vic fires 1851? Cyclone Mahina Qld 1899? 1790s El Ninos? Half a century of rain deficit till 1950? How do we not notice? And that’s just a sampling of some local Oz stuff.)

    Antarctica, where 90% of all the ice hangs out, is running well over average for sea ice – which means the world is probably oversupplied with sea ice, right now. (see Neville above). We’re not supposed to notice that? Are we young and naive?

    Lastly, how do you stabilise climate when a stable climate has never existed? It’s always been this bad – or worse, actually. What better times are these people referring to when they talk of climate disruption and dirty weather?

    Our real problem is the McTernanising of science and intellectual leadership. Spin, factoids and appearances aren’t just important, they’ve become the ONLY things. The Nobel was actually awarded to Gore and Pachauri in 2007. Really. It happened. I’m not making it up. That’s like giving an Academy Award to Steven Seagal.

    By the way, here’s the woman who was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2007 and did not get it.
    She died in 2008.

  4. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    Steven Seagal

    have to admit I had to look it up.
    Now I can put name to the face I saw in the flicks.

  5. Comment from: cohenite

    Nice post Robert; that Gore got the gong while worthies like your lady got nothing really shows something is rotten.

  6. Comment from: debbie

    Well said Robert,
    The CAGW debate seems to have precious little to do with science…especially the practical & applied sciences.
    It has had much more to do with political spin, factoids and appearances….with a heavy reliance on ‘piggy backed’ statistics and ‘sensational’ reporting that looks like ‘infotainment’ based on exaggerated ‘worst case’ scenarios.
    What a great lady Irena was….she did well to reach her 98th year when we consider how much hardship she must have endured in her youth….I agree she is the ilk that deserve recognition for such things as Nobel Peace Prizes.
    Here is a link to the failed ‘disallowance motion’ in fed parliament re the MDBP.
    A related and equally unrealistic policy that relies on spin, factoids and appearances.
    Also here is a link to David Boyd’s blog re the MDBP….especially the nonsense that has developed around the lower lakes and the barrages:
    There still are sensible people like Jen who are willing to speak up for common sense and base their understanding on real evidence and workable solutions…. not the nonsense alarmist political spin.

  7. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    From the link

    To summarise my day at the Lower Lakes, I can only say I come home greatly enthused by the beauty of the area, enthused by the history and its preservation, and the wonderful water body; yet aghast at the waste of fresh water when it is so obvious that even better environmental outcomes could be achieved with the judicial use of healthy, oxygenated seawater with a concomitant reduction on the demand for upstream fresh water.
    When you consider this in the context of the Murray Darling Basin Plan it is simply outrageous that the issue of better management (and upgrading) of the Barrages has not even been properly debated. It is not overstating the “final” position of the Plan to say that it has the supply of fresh water to the Lower Lakes as its prime objective.
    There is absolutely no reason why the objectives for the environment and recreation, with irrigation needs and Adelaide water needs covered from upstream fresh water extractions, can’t be achieved with downstream seawater.

    I wonder if I am some sort of a weirdo to see the logic behind his reasoning when all the political power and local, parochial interests go the other way?

    Strange? Or just normal human behavior?

  8. Comment from: Neville

    If this doesn’t show the type of extremists we’re dealing with then I don’t know what does. This is a graph from Christy’s last appearance before congress in USA.

    38 models are shown and the thick black line is the mean of all models. But look at the UAH satellite data and the RSS satellite data for the last 30+ years well below the mean line .

    Also some of the other main data sets are below the mean as well. Yet we are told repeatedly that everything is getting worse and AR 5 will scare the pants off us. What a pack of liars and con artists these corrupt swines are, but I guess some will still believe their lies and line up willingly to buy their snake oil.

  9. Comment from: Neville

    These series of graphs come from GISP2 Greenland ice core data.

    This is probably the clearest way to look at our modern warming and check against warming and cooling periods over the Holocene and further back into the last glacial.

    Some graphs are shown from Vostok at antarctica for comparison as well. Just proves what a lot of nonsense we’ve been told over the past 30 years.
    Our slight warming over the last 100 years of 0.7c is not unusual or unpredcedented in any way.
    Especially when our slight warming comes at the end of the LIA, one of the coldest periods of the holocene.

  10. Comment from: spangled drongo

    But when you REALLY want to be alarmist and stupid this is what you do:

  11. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    Debbie linked to this,

    To summarise my day at the Lower Lakes, I can only say I come home greatly enthused by the beauty of the area, enthused by the history and its preservation, and the wonderful water body; yet aghast at the waste of fresh water when it is so obvious that even better environmental outcomes could be achieved with the judicial use of healthy, oxygenated seawater with a concomitant reduction on the demand for upstream fresh water.
    When you consider this in the context of the Murray Darling Basin Plan it is simply outrageous that the issue of better management (and upgrading) of the Barrages has not even been properly debated. It is not overstating the “final” position of the Plan to say that it has the supply of fresh water to the Lower Lakes as its prime objective.
    There is absolutely no reason why the objectives for the environment and recreation, with irrigation needs and Adelaide water needs covered from upstream fresh water extractions, can’t be achieved with downstream seawater.

    I posted on this earlier and it’s disappeared in the ether.

    I agree with David’s sentiment, why is it that people can so parochial that they cant see the damage they are inflicting on the rest of the community for no valid reasons?

  12. Comment from: Debbie

    I still do not understand how the top and the bottom of the southern MDB (Eucumbene & the barrages at the Lower Lakes) were cordoned off as political ‘ no go’ zones.
    It defies common sense and the resultant MDBP can only lead to the creation of more problems not the creation of sensible solutions.
    We all ended up arguing over a number based on a mythical long term average.
    Obviously it was mostly about a political outcome not a practical workable outcome.
    On Dec 9th at 9am EST on 7 TWO there will be an interesting doco called ‘Muddied Waters’ that will highlight some of the silly nonsense and the myths that have developed around the Murray River, especially around the Lower Lakes & the Coorong.
    Several South Australians are involved.

  13. Comment from: el gordo

    Massive model fail.

  14. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Debbie, the dopey green advisers on this scheme are so incredibly half baked, you despair for the future of this country.

    Two-in-a-tinny-Tim is a stark example:

    “(she writes about pink dildos, he charts the history of life on our planet),”

    Read more:

    And we get the rough end of the pineapple. Third article in Goss.

  15. Comment from: spangled drongo

    I have many influential neighbours who are self professed greens. I love it when I meet them at the supermarket and they are filling up plastic bags with groceries and holding forth on the ecology. We both feel embarrassed when I produce my converted flour bag and I have to reassure them that plastic bags are the most energy efficient means of carrying groceries. ☻

  16. Comment from: cohenites

    “I have many influential neighbours who are self professed greens.”

    That sounds entertaining; my neighbours wear T-shirts saying they hate greens, although one has moved in recently with poodles and a French bulldog; I’ll have to watch him.

  17. Comment from: Neville

    Monckton on 16 years without warming and all those corrupt,clueless multi billion $ gabfests.

  18. Comment from: Debbie

    :-) :-) :-)
    Dopey green advisors.
    I’m not sure about dopey, I think clueless is more apt.
    They really don’t understand our ephemeral wetland environment and they also don’t understand that we have mostly enhanced the native habitat via irrigation.
    Those gorgeous shy Australasian Bitterns being just one example of 1000s.
    The cormorants (quite similar to the picture at this thread) being another.
    Right at the moment I can hear and see no less than 50 different bird species and at night we hear those bitterns amidst a cacophony of frogs, crickets etc.
    Without the water they wouldn’t be here.
    Neither would we.

  19. Comment from: Minister for Truth

    Is there no end to what these sneaky buggers will do to advance their cause.

    The previous average for the temp for the earth has been taken to be 288K or 15C.

    But in the last few years Hansen and his shonky mates have lowered it to 14C. It doent really ater what average as a base the use as long as it is not arbitrarily altered becase when it then gets used to compare measurements from the global data bases of temp and it is found that that is 14.67 C …then the poor dears have a problem in that 14.76C compared with 15c is pretty well near dam it

    … but 14.67 cf 14C is more consistent with the mantra, is it increasing boy and girls and we told you so

    Am I reading this right surely they wouldnt lie to this extent

  20. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Latest reconciliation of ice sheet mass balance for gav.

    2 inches of sea level rise by 2100 at the current rate. 0.59 mm per annum for 88years = 51.92 mm:

  21. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Good to hear you’ve got all those bird species, Debbie.

    I visited a “wetland” on the Gold Coast yesterday which used to be the old Surfers Paradise International Motor Racing Circuit and which has now been redeveloped into “Emerald Lakes” residential estate. Prior to that it was farmland and prior to that it was dry savannah but now it is great wader habitat with native birds and bats the like of which I have never seen before.

    It’s a pity that these dopey green advisors don’t take note of what can be done alongside “land for humans”.

    And it didn’t cost the public a razoo!

  22. Comment from: Neville

    SD thanks for that link, let’s hope Gav takes note. BTW I’d like to ask Gav once again, how can we mitigate your CAGW?
    Luke, bazza ,poly etc won’t give an answer because they know full well they can’t. But come on Gav give it a go, I promise we won’t bite. Well not much.

    Gav like his mates will BS all day long about dangerous CAGW and how terrible it will be. But ask them the only question that matters and they all go to water and run for cover.

    But Luke will sometimes yell abuse or mention it’s difficult or perhaps look at nuclear. This comes after years of asking. Nuclear can’t make a scrap of difference even if we tried to build 1000 nuclear power stations.

    But come on Gav give it a go, but remember we’ll subject your answer to simple maths and simple logic and reason.

  23. Comment from: John Sayers

    Is this caused by Flim Flam’s geothermal drilling??

  24. Comment from: gavin

    Anyone who cans the latest UN climate report any time this week is definitely off my watch list for the rest of the year.

    Absorb first and reconsider if you can.

  25. Comment from: Neville

    So Gav are we all to draw conclusions from this report or not? Let’s have your conclusions and link to it and tell us what it all means instead of howling silly delusional nonsense.

    If you can’t provide an opinion and draw sensible conclusions from this report then tell us why?

    But remember simple maths and simple logic and reason. You have to pass this test.

  26. Comment from: Neville

    Just listened to your ABC Gav on AM and telling us about a new report from CSIRO. Seems they may be waking up at long last.

    Seems they finally understand it’s all about China and the non OECD. Even the idiot ABC allowed this on air, but only about 2 decades too late.

    I will link to this AM report when it’s up.

  27. Comment from: gavin

    “the polar ice sheets have contributed, on average, 0.59 ± 0.20 millimeter year−1 to the rate of global sea-level rise”

    SD; about 60mm/100y SLR from major glaciers is not the end of the AGW story

    “Forty-seven glaciologists have arrived at a community consensus over all the data on what the past century’s warming has done to the great ice sheets: a current annual loss of 344 billion tons of glacial ice, accounting for 20% of current sea level rise. Greenland’s share—about 263 billion tons—is roughly what most researchers expected, but Antarctica’s represents the first agreement on a rate that had ranged from a far larger loss to an actual gain. The new analysis, published on page 1183 of this week’s issue of Science, also makes it clear that losses from Greenland and West Antarctica have been accelerating, showing that some ice sheets are disconcertingly sensitive to warming”

  28. Comment from: Neville

    Gav west antarctica yarn is old hat . Many studies have shown that this happened for thousands of years. Sometimes more ice sometimes less and all NATURAL CC.
    Greenland was much warmer during the Hol Opt for thousands of years with much higher SLs and just as warm 80 years ago, so what? All NATURAL CC.

  29. Comment from: cohenite

    Gillard and possible criminality discussed here:

    Feel free to comment here or there.

  30. Comment from: spangled drongo

    So gav, if the land ice melt only accounts for 20% of SLR and that’s gonna give us 2 inches of SLR by 2100 at present rates, where’s the other 8 inches gonna come from?

    Sea ice melt?

    Do ya think they might be injecting their own agenda into the narrative?

    If they included some of Neville’s historical points above into the story and showed themselves to be a little more scientifically sceptical, they would have a lot more cred.

    “Anyone who cans the latest UN climate report any time this week is definitely off my watch list for the rest of the year.”

    If you mean the blurb that Ban ki Moon spouted as a build-up to try and save Doha, for which he got rebuked by 125 concerned climate scientists:

    People who rely on their opponents for balance are bound to fall off the cliff.

  31. Comment from: Robert

    A foolproof way for banks to get richer. Count only the withdrawals, never the deposits. If all the banks do it, it’s “community consensus”. Works for ice!

    Too much ice in eastern Antarctica and the continent overall? Talk about the west. Historic Big Cold in Eastern Europe, 2012? Just don’t talk about it. People will forget it ever happened. Talk about Sandy and the N. American heatwave. Alternative energies too expensive? Cripple the efficient energy sources with taxes and regulation, subsidise the alternatives outrageously…then mumble something about how “renewables” are getting cheaper all the time.

    We are spun. We are McTernanised.

  32. Comment from: Neville

    Julie Bishop explains the law and how it applies to the clueless Gillard idiot.

    Interesting to note that even the dopey boyfriend isn’t sure whether he gave her S5,000 or not. He concedes it could be right.

    Important to remember that the total sum involved in this con/.scam/theft/fraud isn’t 400,000 $ but $1,000,000.
    Yet not one of the three seems to know where it disappeared and who got what. If you believe that you’ll believe anything.

  33. Comment from: Debbie

    no one is claiming that the climate and/or SL is not in a constant state of flux.
    You appear to be arguing with yourself at the moment.
    Unless you can prove that human activity is having an alarming/overwhelming influence on global climate and/or SL then you are only agreeing with everyone else here that the overwhelming causes for any change are natural causes and not something that humans can control by centralised govt tax/trading initiatives.
    Emerging real time data even via IPCC and CSIRO is definitely indicating that ACO2 is NOT(bold) the driver that was originally hypothesised.
    Despite the predictions of AGW celebs like Tim Flannery that claimed such things as the storage dams would never fill regularly again and snow would be a ‘fleeting fancy by 2012′ in OZ, the NATURAL (bold) cycles of weather/climate/ocean currents/storm patterns etc appear to be totally uninterested in co operating with those predictions.
    I have no objection to research that is helping us all to understand the world around us.
    I severely object to the inappropriate political hijackjng of the research and the ‘knee jerk’ reactions that are based on emotion and false assumptions.
    Even more astounding is the fact that we have ample evidence that behaviour in Europe is proving to be financially ruinous & ‘self implosive’.
    Why would we want to copy it?

  34. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Good summary in OLO cohers.

    It is interesting that the Gillard sympathisers don’t want to discuss details, just blame politics in general or Tony Abbott.

    Imagine what the screams would be if Abbott had done this even though not PM.

    Surely the police enquiry that is investigating Blewitt will ask questions and take statements from Gillard?

    What is the situation with grilling a PM?

  35. Comment from: spangled drongo

    And gav, guess wot? 100% of those 125 scientists [not 97% of 87] supported those sceptical claims.

  36. Comment from: cohenite

    “What is the situation with grilling a PM?”

    The same as any other citizen such as gav.

  37. Comment from: Neville

    Just to add to the huge swings in temp during the Holocene. Here is Alley’s GISP 2 graph from wikipedia.

    The swings are enormous and much larger and abrupt than our modern WP. So what caused these huge fluctuations in temp over those many thousands of years of the holocene?

    Definitely not co2. The 8,200 BP event has a very abrupt and vertical rise.

  38. Comment from: Neville

    Here are some more up to date numbers on Aco2 emissions. Just confirms everything I’ve been here for a long, long time.

  39. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Doncha love it when the great panjandrums of climate science [think RC, hockey team, closed mind etc] are forced to admit they don’t know any more about clouds than Jodi Foster:

    “It’s cloud illusions, I recall, I really don’t know clouds…. at all.”

    “Or take satellites. They may snap only two pictures a day of a cloud.”

    “Someone once likened this to someone completely unfamiliar with the rules of soccer getting snapshots twice a game,” Feingold said. “And after the fact trying to figure out what the rules of the game are.”

    But that never stops them from making catastrophic predictions and splurging our hard-earned to solve the so-called known problems.

  40. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Here’s the link to the Feingold paper on not understanding clouds:

  41. Comment from: spangled drongo

    JONI MITCHELL, not Jodi Foster! Duh!

  42. Comment from: ianl8888


    I’ll take you at your word here on the Gillard-AWU affair. Perhaps you will comment on this post

    As I currently understand it:

    1) despite the circumstantial evidence of a prima facie case for mis-representation of intent when registering the AWU-WRA Association, the actual letter Gillard wrote to the WA Commissioner convincing him of the Association’s bona fides, is now missing from the WA CAC file registry. I also understand a legally certified copy is missing from the Federal Court file registry in Sydney as well; similarly for the S&G “unopen” file. No forensic evidence now seems to exist as to the exact contents of this letter. Unless a copy still exists in unfriendly hands (I doubt this now), end-of-the-line for this aspect

    2) the police apparently regard the PoA (even if back-dated, witnessed in absentia, or both) as a very minor aspect and not worth pursuing. End-of-the-line for this aspect

    3) The AWU (Paul Howes), Thiess and the WA Building Construction Association have not, and will not, lay a complaint with the police. The various reasons for this are self-evident, with the latter two seemingly valuing industrial peace more highly than loss of funds through probable fraud. This is apparently why Bruce Wilson remains un-interrogated and uncharged. End-of-the-line for this aspect

    4) Gillard’s personal bank account details for the early-mid 1990′s seem unobtainable. Her “passage of time” defence here works, I think. A pity, since any pattern of cash deposits may, or may not, have been interesting

    5) The only remaining questions centre on Blewitt’s recent sworn statements to the Victorian police. I suppose something might come of that … perhaps

    Quo vadis ?

  43. Comment from: spangled drongo

    If Gillard had an ounce of fairdinkumness she would also volunteer a sworn statement to the police.

    Australia’s chief climate buffoon strikes again [with a little help from his friends]:

    One would think the very least our on-the-ball-ABC would ask is something like; “if the global climate hasn’t warmed for 15 years and is only 0.7c warmer after 150 years of industrial dev, how can it get 6c warmer by 2100?” or something to that effect.

    To warm the world 6.0c we have to warm the ocean close to 6.0c and the world’s oceans require the equivalent of 4,000 times the energy needed to warm the world’s atmosphere by the same amount.

    And that just ain’t gonna happen. For one thing, melting ice caps don’t warm the ocean.

  44. Comment from: Mark A


    I’m afraid you are right.

    This is one of those situations where everyone knows the truth but no way to prove it.
    Too many to to lose too much, so the tracks are covered.

    “What is the situation with grilling a PM?”

    The same as any other citizen such as gav.

    That’s very funny cohenite, the way I read it, you can ask any questions from either of them and get the same evasion, obfuscation.

  45. Comment from: cohenite


    1 Gillard has admitted to writing the letter:

    But you are right, all copies of the letter are missing from the Registry and Slater and Gordon’s file; that should be sufficient to establish a Royal Commission.

    But for purposes of prosecuting Gillard, the substance of any charge would be the established fact that Gillard drafted an application for association where she knew the declared purpose was different from its actual purpose; S.170 captures that.

    The other point is that the actual purpose stated by Gillard, of a “slush fund” was also not the real purpose; the association was used for personal expenditure by Wilson and Blewitt; the issue is did Gillard know that? The case for her knowledge of that is made here:

    I would call this very strong circumstantial evidence.

    2 I don’t know what the police attitude about the POA is; the POA did not need to be witnessed for use in Victoria where the property was purchased but it did in WA; in any event Gillard has signed the POA as a witness to Blewitt’s signature; if she was not present when Blewitt signed then 83A of the Vict Crimes Act may apply.Val Majkus notes:

    ” Falsification of documents

    (1) A person must not make a false document with the intention that he or she,
    or another person, shall use it to induce another person to accept it as
    genuine, and by reason of so accepting it to do or not to do some act to that
    other person’s, or to another person’s prejudice.

    6) For the purpose of this section, a document is false if it purports-
    (g) to have been made or altered on a date on which, or at a place at
    which, or otherwise in circumstances in which, it was not in fact made
    or altered;
    (8) For the purposes of this section, an act or omission is to a person’s
    prejudice if, and only if, it is one that, if it occurs-

    (a) will result-
    (ii) to obtain a financial advantage from the first-mentioned person
    otherwise than by way of remuneration; or

    and an interesting case'83A'%20NEAR%20'Crimes%20Act”

    para 8 In these circumstances, the answer to the question whether the applicant was guilty of the offence of having forged the guarantee turns upon the answer to a question which can be posed in abstract terms. That question is whether a person who adds his or her signature to a valid and effective instrument of guarantee which has been executed by the guarantor out of his or her presence is guilty of forging the guarantee if the effect of his or her signature is that the instrument of guarantee then asserts that the guarantor had executed it in his or her presence. In my view, in a case such as the present where the signature or presence of an attesting witness was not necessary for validity, that question should be answered in the negative. It is true that it can be argued that the addition of the witness’ signature in such a case is to alter the guarantee so that it purports to be what it is not, namely, a guarantee executed in the presence of an attesting witness. However, in a context where the presumption of innocence militates against conviction of a serious crime on the basis of ambiguities and subtleties, See, e.g., Tuck and Sons v. Priester (1887) 19 QBD 629, at p 638; Scott v. Cawsey [1907] HCA 80; (1907) 5 CLR 132, at pp 144-145, 154-157; R. v. Adams [1935] HCA 62; (1935) 53 CLR 563, at pp 567-568; Beckwith v. The Queen [1976] HCA 55; (1976) 135 CLR 569, at p 576; Waugh v. Kippen [1986] HCA 12; (1986) 160 CLR 156, at p 164; Murphy v. Farmer [1988] HCA 31; (1988) 165 CLR 19, at pp 28-29, the preferable view seems to me to be that the addition of the signature by the witness in such a case does not produce the consequence that the document relevantly purports to be what it is not. In such a case, the document purports to be what it is, namely, a valid and binding guarantee. By the addition of the signature, the witness does not impart a false character to the document but merely causes “an instrument which purports to be what it really is”, see Ex parte Charles Windsor (1865) 10 Cox CC, at p 123, to contain a false statement. As has been seen, that is not sufficient to constitute the offence of forgery of the relevant instrument. It could, of course, constitute other criminal conduct, see, e.g., Crimes Act 1958 (Vict.), s. 83A (introduced in 1988), and give rise to civil liability for any consequential loss sustained by others.”

    The point is, if the POA was not valid then neither was the house purchase.

    3 Agreed; which is why a Royal Commission into the collusion between the Unions and certain businesses needs to take place.

    4 Her bank accounts may not be available but her tax records should be; forensic analysis of her fiancial past to an ATO standard would turn her excuses inside out.

    5 Blewitt as a witness is peripheral; the partners at Slater and Gordon are where any case will turn.

  46. Comment from: ianl8888


    Thanks for the reply

    1) a Royal Commission or Judicial Inquiry may happen if the ALP lose the next election, but I doubt it either way (the Q’ld Heiner affair has dragged on 20 years with the then Goss Cabinet admitting they shredded critical evidence that they KNEW was required in a pending court case). This is an admitted breach of criminal law by an entire Cabinet, yet even Newman’s “new” inquiry excludes old (ie. shredded) evidence. NOT A HOPE, that’s how power works

    2) the only real issue with the PoA is the central one of Gillard’s word against Blewitt’s … no contest. Status quo remains, as the police regard this as a non-event. I’d add that the only two questions that cause Gillard’s body language to go “wobbly” are those relating to witnessing the PoA and the faint possibility of a rogue copy of her letter to the WA Commissioner

    3) WHO is going to challenge S&G ? Not the ALP, not the police, not the AWU, not Cambridge now, certainly never Murphy, not the current owner of the house. No one left. Gillard’s tax returns are safe for the same reason

    I don’t doubt the strength of the circumstantial evidence. I think there is more “redacted” material in the exit interview transcript held by Nick S-Brown, but it seems unlikely he will release it if it opens S&G to legal action. For all I know, he may yet have a copy of the Gillard letter to the WA Commissioner

    But I can see only dead-ends now. Maybe wrong, but in my life I’ve seen far too much of the steam-roller of power to be optimistic. As Stalin said: “You can’t fake power” – and we don’t have it

  47. Comment from: John Sayers

    Juiie Bishop asks a very pertinent question in her AFR article today.

    Why wasn’t the incorporation of the fund handled by the WA branch of S&G?

  48. Comment from: cohenite

    Gillard will be a test for the legal system; I don’t think there is any lack of charge potential against her; Smith deals with the POA intrincacies here:

    The obstacle will her station and interconnectedness with other prominent citizens some of whom must be choking on their bile; as regards station State premiers have gone so why shouldn’t a PM?

  49. Comment from: Neville

    Here is Bolt at his best lampooning all the delusional numbskulls at Fairfax. Just skip forward a few minutes to get to all the CAGW nonsense from Fairfax journos.

    I must admit I can’t believe the stupidity of these people. What infantile looney rubbish some of these idiots write.

  50. Comment from: toby

    for bazza and any one else deluded into supporting the NBN
    from the oz…..still think its money well spent?

    National Broadband Network rollout proving to be a costly failure

    by: Paul Fletcher
    From:The Australian
    December 04, 201212:00AM

    IN April 2009, the Rudd-Gillard government announced its plans to build the National Broadband Network.

    The fibre-optic network is supposed to pass 12.2 million premises around Australia by 2021.

    More than three years later, as at June 30, 2012, it had passed just 38,914 – less than one third of 1 per cent towards the finish line.

    Yet NBN Co’s corporate plan, issued in December 2010, promised to pass 317,000 premises by June 30, 2012. Another comparison: in 1994, Telstra announced it would build a national hybrid fibre coax network. By June 1997, three years on, the network passed 2.1 million homes.

    NBN is doing equally badly on the number of services being delivered. There were 3867 fibre services in operation as at June 30, 2012; the corporate plan promised 137,000.

    More recent disclosures at estimates hearings in October show little improvement. One component of the fibre rollout, brownfields, had risen from 29,000 in June to 32,295 and fibre services in operation were at 6400.

    Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy and NBN Co have tried every trick in the book to disguise the poor performance. They abandoned the original corporate plan and issued a new one in August this year. The goal of 317,000 premises passed by June this year was changed to 39,000.

    The goals for later years also dropped sharply. Originally the network was to pass 1.27 million premises by June 30 next year; that has fallen to 341,000.

    Next, they made comparisons as difficult as possible. The original corporate plan gave target numbers for five different categories of premises: three types of fibre, wireless and satellite. The new plan, and the 2011-12 annual report released recently, now gives numbers for two types of fibre and a merged number for wireless and satellite.

    Third, they tried to shift attention away from hard numbers by introducing a new statistic: premises where there is construction commenced or completed. NBN Co’s March 2012 media release promised that by 2015 “construction of the fibre optic component of the network will be under way or completed in areas containing 3.5 million premises”.

    This statistic – which is not used by private sector telecommunications companies such as Telstra and Optus – is meaningless. They count a home as having construction commenced from the moment a contract instruction is issued to the contractor.

    But several further steps are required, including the Telstra commencement notice and the final contract instruction. On average, it will be 12 months before the work is completed. A fourth trick is to quote total subscriber numbers across fibre, wireless and satellite.

    At the October estimates hearing, NBN Co said it had 24,000 customers. But of these, 17,000 were on satellite – and more than half of them were customers of an existing government program, dating back to Howard government days, to subsidise satellite broadband in rural and remote areas.

    The rollout is chewing up taxpayers’ money at an alarming rate. By June 30 this year, $2.832 billion of taxpayers’ money had been put into NBN as equity; of that more than $900 million had vapourised in three years of accumulated losses. (In 2011-12 alone, NBN Co lost $520m.)

    Total equity contributions – entirely taxpayer funded – are projected to reach $30.4bn by 2021. This is almost $3bn more than the Rudd-Gillard government had previously disclosed.

    NBN Co is splashing around money with abandon. It pays extremely generous salaries. Average remuneration cost per head was $172,000 in 2011-12, more than 50 per cent higher than the comparable figure at Telstra.

    Yet it has barely any customers and barely any revenue. It earned less than $2m from providing telecommunications services in 2011-12.

    As we have seen with the home insulation program, the school halls program and many others, the Rudd-Gillard government is hopeless at program delivery and financial management.

    We are seeing the same pattern with the NBN. Anyone who wants to see Australia’s broadband infrastructure upgraded in an efficient, cost-effective manner should be very alarmed.

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